31 August 2009

Entrecard Contest At The Painted Veil-Updated Details

There is an Entrecard Contest at The Painted Veil. The detail is as described below.
Win a free 30 day add here at The Painted Veil for the month of October. This is open to all Entrecard blogs that have a PG rating only. I will consider R rated blogs only if their content relates to social and/or historical events. Blogs containing offensive fowl language, imagery or obvious hateful prejudicial content relating to any person, culture, life style, religious affiliation, or any country will not be eligible. Please note political and current event news blogs will be fine as long as their content does not contain material that is placed for shock value only.
How To Win
One blog will be chosen via random generator at the end of September. I am a PR4 blog and my Entrecard popularity rating is 1093 in my category. There are 31 days in the month of October so this prize is valued somewhere betwen 46,000 and 47,000 Entrecard Credits. I am a well established blog with 424 members at MyBloLog and a rating of 81.1 at Blog Catalog. To enter please subscribe to The Painted Veil via my RSS feed. Subscribe to my blog via email and also write a small post on your blog telling your readers about this contest. Please let me know when you completed all by leaving me a comment here on this post along with the URL to your blog.
At the end of September one blog will be chosen via random generator to have their add placed directly below my current EC widget and will run for the entire month of October. No third party paid advertisers will be accepted. This offer is for blogs only. The monthly commenter widget has been installed so let's get started and good luck to everyone!

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