30 January 2008

Secrets to keep your marriage brimming from now on.

In year 2008, it is my dream that all marriages be better than before, all homes like heaven on heart. This is possible with a few efforts from parties involved. Husbands must be ready to put in their quota while the wives must be more than willing to make the best out of their marriage. There are a few secrets I gathered here and there over the holiday period both from watching other couples both old and young and also from personal experience.

No 1 secret;
Know that marriage is sacred and a long-term commitment which must not be broken.

No 2
Have the earnest desire to make your marriage a success, never think otherwise and because it takes two to tango, it is the responsibility of both couple.

No 3
Like your spouse as a person, laugh with them, make he/she your best friend and your confidant.

No 4
Always admit you’re are wrong and also learn not to hammer too much on the fact that you’re right whenever you are. In fact, in some situation, it is better to keep quiet.

No 5
Don’t be selfish, always have your spouse best interest at heart and consider he/she first and foremost.

No 6
Agree on tasks and targets /aims and goals for the family.In other words,make decisions together.

No 7
Never allow third party intervention in your relationship like your close friends, in laws etc. settle all dispute among yourself and don’t sleep over it.

No 8
Be proud of his/ her achievements.

No 9
Understand your spouse, communicate with each other at all level.
and finally, Love your spouse as they are and try as much as possible to satisfy each other’s basic need.

Be blessed and happy this year and beyond.

24 January 2008

Hello and Happy New Year!

Hi friends and readers, happy New Year to you all. I am glad to be back from vacation and resume blogging. I sure know my absence has been felt. I pray that this year shall be a year of prosperity, greatness, and good health for us all. It will also be a year that every valley in our lives shall be exalted, all hills be lowed, all the crooked places be made straight and rough places be smooth. Compliments of the season to you all. I have missed every one of you. Be blessed in 2008.