30 June 2008

Mothers Rule The World.

This is so true and I honestly tell you that most mothers don’t know they rule the world and even own it. Presidents have mothers, kings have mothers, rich men and women have mothers, and their mothers rule the world through them. Since we rule the world, we should be careful with the things we impact on our children because they spend more time with us than with their fathers, it is therefore our duty to see that our children are properly trained and raised to be God fearing and responsible individuals.

The success of a mother is proved only in the discharge of her duties as a mother. If she fails in this, then she has failed in everything else. Even though she is successful in her chosen career and has a long list of accomplishments that is second to none once she fails as a mother she will no longer be of consequence in the eyes of God and even in the society.

Mothers should learn to be docile towards their duties so as not to endanger the future of their children and the society because the destinies of the children, that of the whole family, the church of God and the society is in the hands of the mothers more than anyone else.

I am making a sincere call on all mothers to be active in combating the morals antics of their children. Mothers should be challenged by the moral decadence such as pornography, prostitution, delinquency and the likes in our society and redouble their efforts to make better the lives of their children.

A Godly Mother should:
  • Not be too permissive with her children, discipline do not kill, (Heb 12:5-12)
  • Pray for her children at all times. (Gen 21: 16-18),
  • Protect her children from all societal evil (Ex. 2:3),
  • Train her children in the way of the Lord (II Tim. 1:5),
  • Show love to her children (I Kings 3:26),
  • Not take her children for granted, don’t think they don’t know anything when they are already exposed to a lot through the mass media and their peers.
  • Be the meanest mother to ever exist by ensuring your children do all the right and proper things at the right time regardless of the inconveniences to you or them. It will make them God-fearing, educated and honest adults.
May God Help us all.


24 June 2008

This is my story.

To God is the glory for granting me save delivery. I cannot hide what the Lord has done in my life, even though I was expecting to have a normal birth but then through the C-section my Lord glorified himself immensely. The waiting period after my due date was a trying period for me. I had told God I do not want another CS because of the terrible experience I had when our first child was delivered through CS at a general hospital. I had terrible pains for weeks and it took me awhile before I could do a lot of things on my own, even taking care of my baby. But God’s ways are not our ways, and the situation made me realise that, safe delivery for me is having my baby alive and healthy and being alive and healthy also without complications from the operation.

The baby was due but no labour in sight, and due to the previous delivery through CS, it was not possible to induce labour according to what the doctors told me. We waited until the 42nd week of pregnancy before we finally decided to go in for an elective CS. The operation went well as God took perfect control. With the recovery from anaesthetic came the pain but even through it I remembered the reason I was in that condition, and the first word I uttered was, where is my baby? I want to see my baby and after seeing her I gave all glory to God. She is a bundle of joy!

Let me say here that, in this part of the world, some people still believe that delivery through operation is a taboo. It simply portrays the woman has not been woman enough to have a normal delivery and so I have been reluctant and quite embarrassed to say I have another CS. But God through my hubby made me realise that there is nothing to be ashamed of, and would they prefer death to delivery through CS? Moreover I am not accountable to anyone but God. So when they asked me is it another CS, so condescendingly, I simply reply thank God for safe delivery.

My joy is full because I got what I asked God for, a baby girl. Some are not so fortunate, women have been known to die during labour, some have been known to have lost their lives during operation, others have been known to have serious complications that results in the death of their unborn child. It is not that I’m worthy or that the doctors were good but God in his infinite mercy has made me victorious and that is the reason why we named her PRAISE.

To god is the glory forever and ever (Amen).