07 December 2007

"Time Off"

I will be proceeding on my annual leave from Monday 10th Dec 2007 through first week of Jan 2008, though I don’t intend to take time off blogging but posting may not be regular because I’ll be travelling and may not have access to the web most of the time. It’s a much-deserved time off work and I get to spend time with my husband and son and take also take my son round to fun places for his holiday. For some time now spending time together as a family as been difficult, what with work, weekly activities at the church, housework, cooking etc. if not for my husband who has been so helpful, it has not been easy at all and that is why we all deserve the time together. At least for this period, we all take a holiday and leave all the cooking and cleaning for someone else.
Please bear with me. Meantime there are lots of interesting posts in the archive (
May, June, July, Aug, Sept, Oct) of this blog, please be free to check them out. Your comments, messages and contributions are very welcome.
Thanks for your time.

05 December 2007

A shout-out to my friends.

This is no tag, neither is it a meme. I just want to appreciate some friends of this blog and let them know their contributions, comments, criticism, encouragement, useful informations, corrections etc have been highly appreciated. Without you all MumsDadsChildren would not have been here today. I have had a long thought about this and I just decide to do this at Christmas. How I wish I could create a friends award to give to you guys, you have all been marvellous.

You see; when I got
Saved by Jesus, it was as if I was Caught in the Stream but I thought to myself “this is a miracle” I have long waited for. Even though I don’t know where I’m from but I knew where I was heading, to Explore the realities of Events.

This may sound like something out of a
Very short novel, but it is indeed what I need as a Woman walking in wisdom’s footstep, a Woman: God’s masterpiece, a woman full of Wits and Wisdom of God, a Weighty Lady, My ability to do glorious things When least expected earned me The painted veil, which I will wear to see Oluwayinka, Omodudu, and Nijawife, after Santa Claus’s visit at Christmas. At the Book project I learnt that I am indeed a proverbs 31 woman wannabe, why? Because I have spread the Love angle not only in having a Marriage God’s way but in Harmonious glow writings.

Know it that I am a
RefinedOne, a member of Mommy’s make money, a friend of EbonnyMommy, an Electronic Villager, I Feel happy at the thought of getting a Bloggy Award even though I have been Homesick for abroad, thanks to thenigerianstudent who gave me directions to Channelofhealing where I got Nuggets of Gold for my hard work. But trust Phonics to tell me Suzanne says there is A tale as old as time at Telenovela stories dot com and because The spirit knows best, I head over to the Joke blog where I satisfied my Nigerian curiosity. I had to Fuelmyblog to be able to meet my appointment with Clement. I guess My life is Murphy’s law because I have to decide One man’s goal using the Single mother’s survival guide I borrowed from BeccaGirl. Whoa, this seems to be pretty long and I have not even started. What to do now? I think I will ask Nafasg for help.