30 October 2007

The Three things I can’t Let go of.

Got tagged once again by Shinade over at The painted veil and it seems as if we both have almost the same things we can’t let go of in the same other.
Firstly, I can never ever let go of my faith and believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, the author and finisher of my faith. Without whom I would have probably been forgotten in a tombstone inscribed with “To God be the Glory for a life well spent”.
Secondly, I can never ever let go of my wonderful family, from my parents, siblings, husband to the wonderful children he has blessed me with.
Thirdly, I don’t think I can ever let go of my compassionate self; I can never bear to see someone in pain, suffer, or go hungry not it is in my power to help, even though this has sometimes resulted in negative/bad feelings from others, but then, I don’t ever want to let go for the joy I have witnessed in the eyes of those that truly appreciate.

Shinade, thanks once again for this nice meme, watch out for this great bloggers who I believe also have some things they can’t let go of.



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23 October 2007

Behind the smile.

How is it possible that someone you think is an upstanding citizen, who is supposed to be living a moral life is full of nothing but decay and rottenness, quite distressing. But such is the life lots of people live these days. It is not enough to say I am a Christian, I am born again etc. Now you really have to look into the person’s character, look behind the smile, look behind the fa├žade of gentleness and smoothness, look behind the phony words and false sincerity, and then you might be able to see the real person. I am not saying everybody is a phony, but these days’ people aren’t who they seem or what they professed to be, behind close doors you see a different person entirely.
That is exactly why things aren’t as they are supposed to be, imagine the crime rates, everywhere now, no country is an exception. Imagine the divorces, even of men and women of God, think about illegitimate births being recorded every hour of every day, you don’t know anything about this? Then go check out the motherless babies home around you. It is an almost impossible task for one to be able to identify an armed robber in broad daylight; men say one thing on the altar of God and do the opposite when they feel no one is watching.
Who are you behind the smile and subtle words? Are you?
A confusional- causing chaos wherever you go?
Corrupt – loots tax payer’s money to disburse at parties? Donate in churches where you think you can get atonement for your sins? Spend on high-class prostitutes? Build yourself monuments call residential buildings?
An adulterer – leave your partner bitter and unhappy in order to enjoy forbidden fruit elsewhere?
A paedophile – who lures young children with promises of sweets and chocolates to seduce them in unholy affair?
You probably gossip and backbite?
A ritualist? – Kill innocent people to enrich/empower yourself?
Need I go on about this? No, I think the picture is clearer now.
Who are you behind the smile?

17 October 2007

Marriage and ultimatum.

Recently I have heard complaints from both men and women alike about their spouses seeking to force them into making decisions on some issues or the other. This is bad for marriage, it does not promote love and harmony and it almost always lead to marriage break-ups. It goes like;
You have to choose between your family and me…………………
You really need to make up your mind about this now!
I need to have my own kids, don’t you get it?
I want male children or else……….
One more kid, you know I love children so much, how can you bear to deny me that pleasure?
I don’t like my wife working, I told you that before! And so on.
Sometimes we need to come to an understanding in other to make things right. Where there is love, there should also be sacrifices, we need to allow marriage to teach us forbearance, perseverance, self-restraint and a lot of other qualities we would not have needed if we’d stayed single.
I knew a woman who had five girls, and the husband was always on her back to try for another child whether it will be a boy, the woman resisted and the husband just kept mute over the issue, but his attitude towards the wife changed, he was no longer the loving husband and father, found every opportunity to complain about everything. Eventually after series of advice from friend on how she has to give in to the husband if she wanted to still be in marriage, she gave in, delivered the highly coveted son but lost her life in the process.
Another example of this was a wife who asked the husband to choose between his mother and her just because she felt the husband was paying too much attention to the mother’s financial and physical well being. She started by denying the husband his marital right. The husband was pushed into having an affair with another woman who did not care how much time or money the man spend on his mother, he finally abandoned the wife and two children to move in with the other lady.
A female bank executive, who has over the years build a good career and has earned the respect of her colleagues in the industry, got promoted and had to go on transfer to another branch of the bank across the country, at first everybody was happy but after a while, the husband got tired of taking care of the kids and their home in her absence, they tried to reach an agreement but it was not just good for the man, as he claimed he missed the wife in every way possible. The woman employed a live-in help, to assist the husband to take care of the children and other household chores like cooking, washing, etc. Unfortunately for the woman, before she came on her next visit, the live-in help had already taken over her entire home including the husband.
What gives?
I must honestly say that in a relationship where love exists, there is nothing like do it or else……….. It is only when love is fading away or totally lacking that a partner looks for excuse to issue commands that must be obeyed with military precision. Lets learn to live with and tolerate our partner’s shortcomings hoping and praying that he/she will eventually change.

Back on the scene - conclusion.

Like to talk about the friend I lost to lung cancer. The most painful part of this story is that he was not allowed to reap the fruits of his labour before he was untimely snatched away; I am only consoled with the fact that he accepted the Lord before he died. He was until few months back a staff of an oil producing company; he was laid off due to reorganisation in the company and was well paid off. He immediately made arrangements to set up a business of his own which he did successfully. But the month he was to officially open the business, he fell sick and at first it was like the usual sickness, but time proved him wrong. After series of test he was finally diagnosed as having lung cancer that had to be operated immediately or else… The operation was a success and after months of therapy he was finally discharged. All through these, he was a shadow of his old self and at every time we see him he always told us (my husband and I) that “it is written, I shall not die but live to declare the counsel of the Lord”. We were all so encouraged by his utterances; he was until his sickness a staunch Muslim, who was never ready to listen to anything Christianity.
The most annoying thing was that a day after his burial, the wife was asked (by his uncles) to hand over all his property to the family for accountability, mind you he has six children. He was the only son of his aged parent both of who were alive at the time of his death; it was a total shock to them.

My friend, my prayers are with you that the good Lord grant you eternal rest. I know your wife and children will be well taken care of by the only true God Jesus Christ, whom you fully surrendered your life to. He is the father to the fatherless and husband to the widow, be rest assured that he will be there for them always.

15 October 2007

Back on the scene - 1

It’s been quite a while,I hope you are all well and wonderfully great. I am glad to be back, I have missed you all.
Life has not been easy, even though the reason for my absence was because I was a bit under the weather, which should not have affected me to the extent of having to stay away for such a long time considering that I have always being a very strong and active person. But there were three major occurrences that contributed to the weakness I felt both in my body, soul and spirit.
The first of these was the loss of a Christian sister during childbirth. She was a member of my group in church. You see, because we were not so many in the group (just nine), we were always like sisters, we knew so much about one another and always like to carry each other along. We always used to say that we don’t need new members because of the friendship we enjoy. There was never discrimination among us unlike the other groups in the church, there is sharing, giving, loving and caring. I think that was why her death was such a shock to us all.

It was supposed to have being a normal delivery, but only God knew what went wrong that she had to lose her life in the process, this scared me silly and I cannot tell you how affected I was. She left her husband, parents and children including the newborn baby girl. There is nothing we can do other than take solace in the Lord our God and believe that she is having a peaceful rest in his bosom.

I think I have to continue this post later, might be boring if it’s too long. Will catch you with the other happenings later.