31 August 2009

Entrecard Contest At The Painted Veil-Updated Details

There is an Entrecard Contest at The Painted Veil. The detail is as described below.
Win a free 30 day add here at The Painted Veil for the month of October. This is open to all Entrecard blogs that have a PG rating only. I will consider R rated blogs only if their content relates to social and/or historical events. Blogs containing offensive fowl language, imagery or obvious hateful prejudicial content relating to any person, culture, life style, religious affiliation, or any country will not be eligible. Please note political and current event news blogs will be fine as long as their content does not contain material that is placed for shock value only.
How To Win
One blog will be chosen via random generator at the end of September. I am a PR4 blog and my Entrecard popularity rating is 1093 in my category. There are 31 days in the month of October so this prize is valued somewhere betwen 46,000 and 47,000 Entrecard Credits. I am a well established blog with 424 members at MyBloLog and a rating of 81.1 at Blog Catalog. To enter please subscribe to The Painted Veil via my RSS feed. Subscribe to my blog via email and also write a small post on your blog telling your readers about this contest. Please let me know when you completed all by leaving me a comment here on this post along with the URL to your blog.
At the end of September one blog will be chosen via random generator to have their add placed directly below my current EC widget and will run for the entire month of October. No third party paid advertisers will be accepted. This offer is for blogs only. The monthly commenter widget has been installed so let's get started and good luck to everyone!

24 August 2009

“Leave and Cleave”

Mark 10:7 & 8, for this reason a man will leave his father and mother, and the two will become one flesh. So they are no longer two, but one flesh.

I love the leaving and cleaving part, it has always appealed to me whenever I need to address a situation in which relatives find it difficult to understand that marriage is between just two people, the husband and the wife. Whatever problems they encounter in their union should not be seen by relatives (parents) included as a signal that they need to intervene.

I call it “nose posing” into affairs of the heart. It complicates issues and makes it extremely difficult to settle such issues within the confines of the bedroom. Parent want to take sides, they will be partial to their own whether he/she is the injured party or not. It is in a rare case that we have impartial parents, ready to tell it as it is, believing that both husband and wife have become their own through their union. And even at that, there is a limit to the kind of info you allow them acess to if you want your marriage to last long. Important points to note:

Never let your relatives know who owns what in the house, let it be understood at all times that everything you have is jointly owned by both of you.

Don’t complain about your spouse to any of them, if you do, you are leaving your spouse open to criticisms, either immediately or later in the future.

Always let them know of your love and respect for each other, that way, they will find it difficult to be disrespectful.

Let them understand that you value each others opinion; when you need to consult each other before taking a decision or committing to something they will not read other meanings into it.

Above all, make them understand that their interference will not be appreciated, that way; they will leave you alone to sort out your problems if the need arose.

All these mean that you will truly be in love and LOVE IS A COMMITMENT WITH A BEGINNING AND NO END. So watch it and don’t allow others dictate the pace of your marriage. Relatives have their place in our lives, but not in our marriage!


11 August 2009

Influencing lives?

My son Ladi is three years plus now, but even before this age his father’s influence on him was so great that, he always wants to do exactly what dad is doing, has done or did. An example of this is his refusal to wear shorts, he want to be in trousers at all times. I find this hard to understand until one day a friend I discussed this with told me that he did not want to wear short/knickers because he has never seen the dad go on an outing with a short. Quite amazing!

Same goes for some of us, we are so influenced by others that we want to be like them in all ways, we want what others have, even try harder to be what others are. It is good to be influenced by other people, but the great question is “do you influence others?”

Does our lives touch others in unforgettable ways?

Do people want to act, talk, dress, walk and live our lives?

How do we influence our young children at home?

My life is an example, every time I get angry in the presence of my children (not at them), they go very quiet and I will know that I have made an impression on them, A WRONG IMPRESSION AT THAT! Something happened this morning, and my son asked, “Mummy, why were you shouting and talking so much?” I felt so ashamed, and I started wondering the kind of influence I am having on that impressionable young mind by getting unnecessarily annoyed even though the anger was more than justified!

INFLUENCE! Children who see physical violence between their parents are more likely to abuse their own spouses after they marry and if they were also hit by their parents as teenagers, they are more likely to abuse their spouses.

Remember that how we live our lives matters so much to God and others around us. May God teach us to be more like him!


04 August 2009

Christianity and family planning.

I have read series of articles about this hot topic on various websites some of which will be listed after this post for reference. Family planning is proving to be a controversial issue in Christendom and I have to wonder why.
Some Christians believe it is wise for Christians to use birth control while some others for reasons best known to them believe it is a sin because children are God’s gift. Of course I believe that everyone is entitled to his or her opinion, but I have seen good Christians have several children they could not cater for all because they refuse the use of birth control. I believe that one should have children they can comfortably feed, cloth, send to school and offer good parental care.
I wonder which is the greater sin, bringing children into the world to suffer poverty or taking care to not have more than you can care for. If you plan to have lots of children, you should be financially capable of taking care of them. After having the numbers of children you want, then what happens to sex in the marriage? I hope it is not forgotten that Apostle Paul says; husband and wife should not deny each other so they will not be tempted 1 Cor. 7:5.
What then is the sin? Use of birth control to prevent unwanted pregnancies as a married couple?
Deny your husband or wife sexual pleasure because you don’t want to have any more children, thereby causing him/her to stray?
May God help us all!