26 November 2008


This is aversion or disinclination to work, activity, or exertion; indolent. A lazy person exhibits slothfulness, indolence, and often times, sluggish. Personally, I detest laziness and do not really want any form of association with a lazy person. People generally despised and condemn any person known to be lazy.
Like all other vices, laziness is first contrived in the mind before it manifest outwardly. A lazy person sets up barriers within his mind to justify his not doing what he was supposed to do. Such people think the world owes them a living, and if by mistake they put a little effort in something, they feel they have done their own bit. They are wise in their own eyes thinking that hardwork does not pay; others blame the government for their status or lack of it. The funny part is that, lazy people have higher desire for things (clothes, praise, food, cars etc.) compared to hardworking people. And when those desires cannot be met, they resort to cut corners to get what they want.
Laziness could lead to robbery, theft, prostitution, and fraudster’s aka 419 because an idle mind is the devil’s workshop. Lazy people hardly get jobs and even when they do, it does not last because they are sure to be fired as soon as their character become known.
Because of the idle state of their unoccupied mind, they are prone to gossip, poke into other people’s affair, they loiter, trespass and all sorts of unimaginable things. Parents should teach their children to be hardworking, but of course, the best way to teach is by example. So be a hard worker so your children can emulate you.
Hardwork precedes excellence; hard work is the only sure way to have good success.
Remember, there is dignity in labour.


11 November 2008

Love is for real men.

"My beloved is dazzling and ruddy, Outstanding among ten thousand- Songs of Sol. 5:10
Love is the life of a marriage. The parties involved must give it full attention and must never on any account be negligent.
Men are everywhere, but real men who are good husband materials are scarce. Love differentiates mere men from real men, real men are custodians of love, and they demonstrate love to their wife and children, they do not neglect them in favour of other things or people. Only real men are worthy to get married or be referred to as husbands or fathers. It takes a real man to shun all vices in other to remain true and faithful to his wife.
A husband is expected to love his wife just as Christ loved the church and gave himself for it. If a man loves his wife, he does not do anything without revealing it to her, whether she will approve of it or not because they have been made one by the arithmetic of marriage, 1+1=1.
One major way a man can demonstrate his love towards his children is by loving their mother unconditionally and unequivocally. When a man really loves his wife, he confides in her everything he does and never makes room for any skeleton to be in his cupboard. One of such skeleton is extra marital affair.
Here are a few ways a real man can physically show love to his wife.
A man should always treat his wife like an endangered species. Always remembering that she is special and irreplaceable, one of a kind.
A man should love his wife through thick and thin, because she needs his support and strength.
His wife’s wishes and needs should take priority over all else.
A man should tell his wife where he can be reached when away, this is very important to a woman.
Make it a point of duty to tell others of your wife’s good points, the rest his private and should be kept in the cooler (i.e. private.)
Take time away from work to spend with your wife alone. You know, get to know each other all over.
Do not compare your wife to any other, an old girlfriend, your mother or sister, because is she not any of them, she is unique.
Treat your wife as if you were still dating.
Let her know everyday, how thankful you are for her because women love being complimented.
Always look at her through the eyes of love.
Surprise her with gifts, things you know she will adore.
Pray with her, and for her.
Most importantly, have an affair with her!


05 November 2008

It’s been awhile.

I am very sorry to have to be absent without a reason; it was due to a circumstance far beyond my control. But I thank God because things will soon normalise.

Hope everybody has been well? Thanks to Jackie of the painted veil for tagging me with the peace meme, I will do it ASAP.

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You all have a wonderful day.