25 September 2007

I'm taking a leave of absence

I think the time as finally come for me to confess that I need some time off. I have been physically strong to say the least, and posting that used to be so much fun for me has become something I have been struggling with; I now need to summon all my willpower to complete a post.
Please, bear with me. Will be back as soon as I’m able to. Meanwhile, I will continue to visit my favourite blogs and read updates from all my subscriptions when I can.

Peace an Love,

20 September 2007

What God hath joined together?

Here is a story you may find very interesting, this conversation took place between Jesus and the Pharisees.
And the Pharisees came to him, and asked him, is it lawful for a man to divorce his wife? Tempting him.
And he answered and said unto them, what did Moses command you?
And they said, Moses suffered to write a bill of divorcement, and to put her away
And Jesus answered and said unto them, for the hardness of your heart he wrote you this precept.
But from the beginning of the creation God made them male and female.
For this cause shall a man leave his father and mother, and cleave to his wife;
And the two shall be one flesh, so then they are no more two, but one flesh.
What therefore God hath joined together, LET NOT MAN PUT ASUNDER.
(Mark 10: 2-9)

From the above conversation, it is clearly understood that marriage is for better for worse. I am happy that every bible believing christian would have at one time or the other come across this, but it is a pity that we still allow our marriages to be touched by the sentiments of this world. I find it funny and absurd that a christian will contemplate divorce, what then is our testimony, thinking about divorce alone is already going contrary to the will of our father. The only divorce permitted in the bible according to my understanding of 1 Cor. 7: 1- its end, is DEATH. It was also recorded in that book that if you have to separate from your husband for any reason at all, then you must not remarry, the only clause that I think should give room for this is in the case of excessive abuse, if either of the partner’s life is at stake, it is better that the abused stayed away from the abuser, rather than risk death.

Know this also; that marriage carries a lot of responsibilities that require experience and maturity, it is therefore for matured adults only. Matured in mind and body, able to deal with problems without prejudice or bias.

Most importantly, those already married, please pray that God impart his love into your marriage, so that every day of your married life is like a new beginning.Remember that old wine tastes better with age.

For singles: let there be genuine love before marriage is considered at all, learn to differentiate between love and infatuation so that you can save yourself from future problems and heartache.

Be blessed always.

18 September 2007

Reverse reasoning indeed!

I read a write up on marriage titled reverse reasoning, it highlighted some good points I cannot help but agree with. It mentioned the fact that a lot of marriages started out as rosy affairs and to quote the article “rosy fog of optimism” which I found to be very true. Most couples set out in marriage being blinded to each other’s shortcomings. They only see what they want to see in each other, the good points. Even though it is clear that a person cannot be 100% good, they choose to turn their backs on the other side and remain to be temporarily blind to that aspect of their partner’s life. After few months of marriage, the excitement wears off and voila! The fog is lifted and those traits that used to excite wear off, then the problems start and those same trait now become something they detest, hate, and regard as faults. It is indeed reverse reasoning. I wish all this would stop, nothing makes me happy than to see couples happy and enjoying their married life, but when I hear stories of infidelity, separation and divorce, I feel so unhappy, so sad for couples undergoing such traumas in their marriages. Imagine the so popular television evangelist, Juanita Bynum and her bishop husband, Thomas Weeks III getting divorced, what has christain marriage turned into? Where was the love they once professed for each other, where is God’s love in their live?

14 September 2007

For Ejiro,the best bride ever.

I don’t know how many times I have prayed that every couple being joined together in holy matrimony will remember the day in time to come and smile for joy because of the undying and untarnished love still existing in their union.
Ejiro my blogger friend ties the knot tomorrow at the winner’s chapel, and the above thought came back to me, and I simply wish her the best on her wedding day and in the future. Though I have planned to be there, but then, man proposes and God disposes (hope I got that right).
I have just a few prayers for you:
Your marriage will not end before it started.
Your love will not die a premature death but the lord will deepen and strengthen your love for each other every new day
Children are the heritage of the Lord and fruit of the womb is his reward, so shall the lord reward your marriage in Jesus name.

Happy married life.

Why I love PayPerPost.

I vividly remembered opening my yahoo inbox on the 9th of august 2007 to a mail from support@payperpost.com telling me “Your Blog has been approved”. At first I was surprised because I had earlier submitted the same blog and was rejected because it did not meet one or two of their requirements at that time. So it was a big surprise to finally hear that my blog now belong to the payperpost family. I realize that their service is so quick and easy and I love that about them.The traffic generation is surperb as well.Until now I have only taken five opportunity posts and I am expecting $41.01 with which I plan to register my own domain name and possibly get a hosting into the bargain.

13 September 2007

Show that you care.

It is a known fact that the success of a marriage depends on the two people involved; they both need to work together to ensure happiness in the marriage. Can two walk together unless they agree? NO! It is the responsibility of the partners to make each other happy. The usual trend in homes is that the men go out to work in order to support their family while the wife take care of the home in his absence. But these days, most wives assist to complement the effort of their husband by working, even though the household chores is already a full time employment. It is sometimes very tiring to combine career with our duties as wives and mothers. Wives need to be encouraged and appreciated, we need to be cherished, we need our husbands going extra length for us, we need our husband’s support and affection, and most importantly, we need honesty and openness in our relationship with our husband. We also need our husbands to:
Show us love in tangibles ways; like taking us out and giving us treats, arranging holidays just for the two of us.
Share with us their daily experiences, stories, ideas, and encounters outside the home,
Give us happy surprise sometimes, like get us breakfast in bed, flowers, candy, new dress, undies, or a wonderful gift we can cherish.
Make great sacrifices for us – help out with some of the household chores, opt to spend time with us instead of having a guy’s night out.
Touch, hold, caress, kiss and hug very often and not wait for invitation to do so.
Take delight in our body and share sexual and intimate moments with us.
As wives, we are also expected to:
Be as attractive as possible for them
Be a loving and non judgmental friend
Admire their efforts and abilities
Ensure they are sexually fulfilled (this is highly important)
Show them we love and care for them.
Pet them more than we do our children. (Remember they are our first babies)
Offer them intelligent and sound advice when necessary.
Always be ready to escort them on recreational activities.
Support their dreams and assist to actualize them.
Offer both domestic and moral support.
Be proud of their achievements no matter how small.
In summary, both parties should strive to give out what the other needs; there should always be oneness.

11 September 2007

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10 September 2007


Someone once asked me, what success means to me? I did not have to think twice about my reply, I simply answered that as far as I am concerned; success is being the best mother in the whole wide world to my wonderful children. It is seeing my children become the greatest children the world has ever heard of. This is my definition of success.
I have read somewhere that when we were coming to life; every one of us was entrusted with a cargo, our cargo includes children, spouses and friends. And for our journey to be successful, we have to deliver our cargo to their destination. The most important of our cargo is our children; they are to be delivered without spot or blemish, teach them the way of the Lord. Never make them promises you cannot fulfil, don’t be a do I say kind of parent, but do as I do. Admit mistakes when you make them and don’t punish them unfairly; give them audience at all times.
A writer once wrote that he knew of a number of wealthy men who were not successes as fathers. They made money rapidly; their factories were marvels of organization; their money investments were sound and made with excellent judgment, and their contributions to public service were useful and all willingly made. At the end they have their fortune on one hand, and worthless and dissolute children on the other.
They spend too much time making money and too little time was spent with their children.
What does success means to you?

07 September 2007

My Niece

When one of my nieces was invited to stay with my parents, I was not consulted and I therefore did not see any reason to proffer an opinion, which may not be welcome then. As times goes on, there were series of issues arising from that decision they made that later forced them to consult me. The most important of which was, the girl in question cannot communicate in English, everything has to be in native language which puts a damper on their image when visitors drop by or when she’s alone in the house and had to answer the house phone and her scores were so bad. I had to take pity on them and introduce them to Innovative Tutor for their tutoring program, which helped her a lot. Now her school grades are improved and she communicates and writes well.

06 September 2007

Funny interlude

I recently bought some animal characters including the alphabets A-Z and letters 0-9 for my two years old son. It’s a learning aid of sort, very colorful and quite attractive. Shortly after it was fixed, I invited the big boy to come and learn his alphabets and you can imagine my surprise when he tried to rip them off the wall. Meanwhile his dad already warned me, he might do something like that, and I was like no he would not dare. So we started learning like this;

Me: A

Ladi: A

Me: B

Ladi: Shhh (meaning C)

Me: No not C yet, say B

Ladi: Shhh

I got fed up and concluded that he does not like the letter B. And thinking he might find the animals more fun, I moved to the animal characters, and I said, say monkey, pointing at the monkey

Ladi: Shay key (meaning - say monkey)

Me: (Pointing at rabbit) say rabbit

Ladi: "Ahhh bitttti"

And he walked away to find a new interest. I can't help wondering if he's too young and I'm being in a hurry or if that attitude is just typical of two year olds. Being a first time mum,I just hope and pray that I'm getting it all right.

03 September 2007


When someone tells you, “I hope you won’t mind me telling you this,” be pretty sure you will mind. The best way to end a gossip is to ask the talebearer if you may quote him or her. If the person says no, then you know the person is a gossip. If the person answers yes, then you should contact the recipient to verify the story you heard.
One of my friends was recently accused of gossip, and I was like Whaoooo! What’s that? I will tell you why I asked that; I don't involve myself in other people's affair unless the person concerned invites me and then I don’t broadcast to all and sundry what the person disclosed to me in secrets. I don't want to know what is happening in your home, how you relate with your husband or with the common friends we have, because when it start, it may be difficult to remove oneself from it. This my friend like to talk, she also has ways of fishing out information from people, she will pretend to be concerned and before you know it, you’re telling her your whole life’s story which in a matter of minutes after she might have left you, would be common news. Most time when she tell you something, she will tell you that you’re the only person she has told and that you should not let any other person know. But in the next minute she will tell another person the same story but with more details and on and on she goes until the story spread back to the recipient. Often times, she will not remember she has told you something about someone and will even deny saying such things when later confronted.I started wondering what her problem is, is it that she always have temporary memory loss after a gossip or she conveniently decides to forget. Not that she will stop; she will just deny her involvement when confronted.
Some say there is healthy gossip, but there is nothing of such; just be careful what you say about people, because someone may pick up your remarks, and you may be surprised at what some people may think they hear.