07 December 2007

"Time Off"

I will be proceeding on my annual leave from Monday 10th Dec 2007 through first week of Jan 2008, though I don’t intend to take time off blogging but posting may not be regular because I’ll be travelling and may not have access to the web most of the time. It’s a much-deserved time off work and I get to spend time with my husband and son and take also take my son round to fun places for his holiday. For some time now spending time together as a family as been difficult, what with work, weekly activities at the church, housework, cooking etc. if not for my husband who has been so helpful, it has not been easy at all and that is why we all deserve the time together. At least for this period, we all take a holiday and leave all the cooking and cleaning for someone else.
Please bear with me. Meantime there are lots of interesting posts in the archive (
May, June, July, Aug, Sept, Oct) of this blog, please be free to check them out. Your comments, messages and contributions are very welcome.
Thanks for your time.

05 December 2007

A shout-out to my friends.

This is no tag, neither is it a meme. I just want to appreciate some friends of this blog and let them know their contributions, comments, criticism, encouragement, useful informations, corrections etc have been highly appreciated. Without you all MumsDadsChildren would not have been here today. I have had a long thought about this and I just decide to do this at Christmas. How I wish I could create a friends award to give to you guys, you have all been marvellous.

You see; when I got
Saved by Jesus, it was as if I was Caught in the Stream but I thought to myself “this is a miracle” I have long waited for. Even though I don’t know where I’m from but I knew where I was heading, to Explore the realities of Events.

This may sound like something out of a
Very short novel, but it is indeed what I need as a Woman walking in wisdom’s footstep, a Woman: God’s masterpiece, a woman full of Wits and Wisdom of God, a Weighty Lady, My ability to do glorious things When least expected earned me The painted veil, which I will wear to see Oluwayinka, Omodudu, and Nijawife, after Santa Claus’s visit at Christmas. At the Book project I learnt that I am indeed a proverbs 31 woman wannabe, why? Because I have spread the Love angle not only in having a Marriage God’s way but in Harmonious glow writings.

Know it that I am a
RefinedOne, a member of Mommy’s make money, a friend of EbonnyMommy, an Electronic Villager, I Feel happy at the thought of getting a Bloggy Award even though I have been Homesick for abroad, thanks to thenigerianstudent who gave me directions to Channelofhealing where I got Nuggets of Gold for my hard work. But trust Phonics to tell me Suzanne says there is A tale as old as time at Telenovela stories dot com and because The spirit knows best, I head over to the Joke blog where I satisfied my Nigerian curiosity. I had to Fuelmyblog to be able to meet my appointment with Clement. I guess My life is Murphy’s law because I have to decide One man’s goal using the Single mother’s survival guide I borrowed from BeccaGirl. Whoa, this seems to be pretty long and I have not even started. What to do now? I think I will ask Nafasg for help.

28 November 2007


Few months back I had to go to the clinic for antenatal registration, and at the end of it I was given such a huge bill that I had to exclaim. But upon questioning the accounts clerk I was given the breakdown of the payment and I was so surprise to see HIV/AIDS test boldly written on the receipt. This gave me a scare because it never really occurred to me that you have to do such tests when you go in for such registration. Maybe I was told and I was like, that does not have anything to do with me! So I didn’t pay attention to it. But believe me, after I left the clinic, even though I have no reason to be bothered, I kept wondering about it and I could not wait until my next visit to ask for the outcome. Sure it was negative, as I knew it was going to be.
But then I remembered the story of a sister, who got married to a fellow brother in her church, they were both born again xtians, nobody need to tell you they were before you know, they were serious xtians. Immediately after their marriage, the lady took in and delivered. After some months she started falling sick, it was so serious that she had to be transferred from one hospital to another until she finally landed at a teaching hospital where she was diagnosed with HIV. When she was questioned about her sexual life she was at first very angry and refused to answer their questions because she was a virgin when she got married and never had sexual relation with any other person except her husband. The husband and child were tested and both tested positive.

Then the question of who gave who arose, both claimed they have been faithful. Few months after this, the wife died and later the child, still the man kept mute and tongues started wagging about the sister been the perpetrator since she died first. Then the man developed symptoms too and it was on his deathbed he confessed that when the wife was pregnant at the early stage and could not fulfil her marital obligations, he had to look elsewhere for sex because he was so used to it then that abstinence was difficult for him to cope with. Imagine that!

Saturday 1st Dec 2007, is another world’s AID day, how do you feel about this?
Some don’t believe AIDS is real, some believe they cannot have it, while others don’t think it’s worth a second thought. But please hear this, people that are afraid of confronting the issue of AIDS are usually the ones to be infected simply because of their non-committal attitude towards it. To read more about HIV/AIDS, visit this link.

Be blessed and please live a healthy life.

23 November 2007

Here we go again!

This seems to be the season of awards; I also received some awards from Channelofhealing. The blog has been a great source of inspiration to me especially in the area of healing. At COH, you will receive healing to your body, Soul and refreshment to your inner self (Spirit), thanks for these awards.

Mathetes Award created by Dan King;

This I gladly pass to: SavedbyJesus,

Nice matters award created by Bob;

This goes to; Franscud,

This was created by PrudentMusings.

And this is for,SavedbyJesus,
Be blessed.

A Silver Bloggyaward.

MumsDadsChildren has won a Silver Award from Bloggyaward, this came as a total surprise to me, and I want to use this opportunity to say a very big thank you to Bloggyaward for the review. Here is the review, dedicated to all friends and readers of this blog.

MumsDadsChildren “Marriage, parenting, and the act of truly great and amazing kids.” This is what MumsDadsChildren is all about. It sounds like the toughest job in the world to me!

Visual Aesthetics - 8

The tan and beige color scheme gives an understated look to the whole blog. Pictures could help in sprucing up the looks of the blog, though. These would also break up the long blocks of texts that are not really all that pleasing to the eyes.

User Friendliness - 9
Navigation is pretty easy. The links are all on the right hand column and are well-organized. The only thing that may cause a little bit of an inconvenience is the small size of the font. The paragraphs are also bunched together, making it a bit hard to read.

Reading Enjoyment - 9
The posts are generally well written and easy to read. The topics are varied and are easy to relate to, generally. There is a sprinkling of paid posts, some of which are enjoyable.

Useful Info - 9
The blog is full of insights and ideas that couples, parents, and even singles can relate to. I am sure that other readers find the information from this blog as useful and insightful as I do.

Overall Experience - 9
Aside from the slight lack in visual terms, this blog is one that has a lot of good content to offer. Anyone interested in relationships and parenting should pay this blog a visit.

22 November 2007

Children’s Lack of Discipline.

Lack of control or restrain is so common in our society today and I really don’t know whom to hold responsible for this. Is it the mother’s fault? Or is the father lacking in his responsibility to the child? Could it be the child refused to listen to reason? Where did the problem originate? This is one seemingly intractable problem in most families today.

Indiscipline manifests in such areas as examination malpractices, secret cult menace, unprotected sex, unwanted pregnancies, bribery and corruption, prostitution (both male and female now). There are crisis everywhere you turn in the society as a result of undisciplined youths, most parents neglect the care of their children in search of greener pastures or better prospects and by the time they get their breakthrough, they are total strangers to their children who have become uncontrollable and distant.

Most parents today leave their children in the care of maids and child sitters or sometimes to their own devices thinking they are old enough to take care of themselves, they come in from their place of work only to rush out to meet with their charity group, their club friends, attend dinner at friends house and so on thinking all is well until something otherwise happen.

Parents should take up the challenge of raising God fearing, obedient and disciplined children, this will better our own lives, give us peace in our old age and make the world a better place for everyone to live in. Think of it, there will be little or no perversion, rape, kidnapping for whatever purpose, robbery, smuggling, corruption, drugs etc. In other to achieve this, you can;

  • Teach him to pray as soon as he/she can speak or old enough to understand what prayer means.
  • Correct cruelty to others either human or animal,
  • Tell the child not to lie or correct a lie whenever it is uttered, do not punish a fault that is freely confessed, but never allow a disobedient act to go unpunished.
  • Teach them to love others always as themselves,
  • Don’t give them room to satisfy their own desires or adhere to their own opinions, it could lead to selfishness or destructive habit when denied,
  • Give him whatever he politely asks for, if it’s good for him but deny him whatever he cries for whether it is good for him or not.
  • Don’t make empty promises or promises you know you cannot fulfill, honor every promise you make to them.
  • Commend them when well behaved and reward when necessary.

Remember Prov 22:6, train up a child in the way he should go, when he is old, he will not turn from it.

Be blessed.

19 November 2007


Suzanne tagged me after I registered at NaBloPoMo, this is interesting because I get to tell you all 7 random things about myself. I guess that means something you don’t already know about me.

But before I get overly excited about it, I need to tell you the rules because I get to also tag 7 random bloggers for this meme. So here are the rules as
Suzanne Says:

1. Link to the person that tagged you and posts the rules on your blog.
2. Share 7 random and or weird things about yourself.
3. Tag 7 random people at the end of your post and include links to their blogs.
4. Let each person know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

Seven Random Things About Me:

  • I am the first born of my parents, who were so happy when I gave them their first overdue grandchild;
  • I am the first female engineer in my entire family tree; I guess that’s diversity;
  • I have a passion for excellence;
  • Married my first real love and blissfully happy;
  • Expecting my second child, which is why I blog/comment/respond to emails sluggishly now, and crave the most craziest food you cannot imagine;
  • I hate to see fellow human beings suffer or treated unjustly, maybe I should have been a human right activist; only I can’t stomach confrontations, lengthy fights or argument;
  • I love children and hope I could have lots and lots of them, ooops, forget I said that before someone decide to take me up on it.

Seven Random Bloggers:




15 November 2007

Who should be responsible for household chores?

From time immemorial, it is generally believe that the bulk of the housework lies on the woman of the house, whether she is strong enough to do so, or in the right frame of mind to do it is not of utmost importance, the bottom line is it’s an obligation she must fulfil. I was privy to an argument between two of my office colleagues where one of the two guys bluntly stated that he married his wife to take care of his home and raise his children, which is the only work he believed a woman should do and not running helter skelter to meet up with office deadlines and so on. Then I asked him what he does in the house to assist the woman, and he simply replied that he washes their cars in the mornings and that is all. So in essence, the woman cooks, do the dirty laundry and ironing, prepare the children for school, drive them to school, drive back home to take care of the mess left behind, prepare lunch for the children, do afternoon school runs, help the kids with their homework, shopping, all for the man to come back from work with his own demands. My next question to the egoistical bagel was when does she usually wake up and sleep, he said she wake by 4am and sleep 11:30/12pm which he said is not bad because she has all day to catch up on her sleep and rest. From what I’ve heard so far and the appearance of the woman from the few times I’ve met with her I thought to myself that it was no wonder the woman always looked exhausted no matter the time of the day. She does not have any spare time for rest, she is always on her toes and the husband does not seem to mind. He looks robust and well fed, because he does absolutely nothing, I’ve heard him several times arranged to have his car washed by the parking lot attendants.
The other guy is a bachelor and he felt that was an abnormal way to treat a woman whom you professed to love and cherish, I agreed with him because the guy turned his wife into a slave in her own house.
I don’t think it is right for a man to leave all the housework for the woman alone coupled with her responsibility as a wife and mother. If the husband cannot assist directly due to a reason or the other, and the children are not old enough to also lend a helping hand, then he should employ a maid for her; take up the gender roles in the household duties to reduce the work overload on the woman.
Men should remember that how they use/treat their wives has a direct effect on the looks/appearance and health of the woman. Even though the husband is the head of the family, he should be ready to relieve the woman of some of her duties once in a while and also be willing to share the household duties equally with the woman and also adapt his lifestyle to being married just as the woman did.

12 November 2007

Garage Flooring

I recently pack up my computer service business because of some unscrupulous area boys who made their living off shop owners. Many times before I had to close up the shop I have had to pay series of official and unofficial dues to these boys who will go to any length to make sure they get what they want from the business owner. Upon packing up, I really did not have any idea where I was going to keep all the things; my house is already tight with no space to spare for storing items. The only place I could think of was the garage, but then the garage flooring is beat up, cracked and oil stained, it is definitely not the best place to keep computers, photocopiers and other related items, unless some repair work is done first or if the place could clean well. Maybe I will just order some tiles from carguygarage in any pattern to cover up the floor and probably end up giving my home a whole new look

Branding with the wedding band.

I can remember the number of times I have argued with my husband about the use of his wedding ring, and it’s always the same answer over and over. Whenever I asked why he does not like to wear it even when I wear my own all the time, his answer is usually, “you need it more than I do”. He said wearing the wedding ring is not the important thing, it is love that matters. He said the use of the ring does not prevent him from being unfaithful, because he simply does not have cause to be unfaithful, whether he wears the ring or not is immaterial.
This issue bothered me until a close friend told me the story of how her lecturer husband has been sleeping around with students and even some of his female co-lecturers. But you need to see the mark the wedding band left on this guy’s finger, without the use of the band itself, the indelible mark is enough to tell you this guy is married. And that’s how he’s been sleeping around with other women while wearing the wedding ring. What seems to be most amazing about these single girls dating married men is the fact that they knew without doubt that the men are married with children and they don’t seem to care.
The same goes for married women who sleep around, they are simply incredible! I often wondered at the men that go into relationship with them, they must be something else too. Such men must have lost all form of decency in order to be able to sleep with another man’s wife no matter how willing or alluring the woman is.
In essence, wedding band or not, it’s the heart that matters, someone could even stamped MARRIED on their forehead for all to see, and still have the morals of an alley cat.
Why then are people so crazy about the wedding ring?
Women especially love to flaunt it, it’s a sign that that they belong to a man.
And the men especially love their wives to wear it because it’s a mark indicating identity or ownership of the women.
I love to use it simply because, it’s a reminder of the love we vowed for each other.

08 November 2007

My new venture.

Blogging is good business for those who know how to blog for money. I really don’t see anything wrong in trying to get paid for blogging, if you have the time and what it takes; the only snag is one must know when to draw the line between paid post and your normal post. The whole blog must not be filled up with paid posts. At least your readers must still have something to look forward to apart from paid posts. I like to do paid post because I can have something else to give to readers apart from my main blog subject which is variety and I can also make some cool extra cash along the line which will definitely come in handy as I progress in blogging. This is partly why I have decided to join the Smorty wagon and check out what they have to offer in terms of service and delivery. You never can tell how good the pudding is unless you eat it. Smorty is a service that connects advertisers and bloggers for their mutual benefits, the advertiser pay the blogger to share their opinion on their blogs with a link back to their site. It’s as simple as ABC; I hope I get value for money from this new venture.

07 November 2007

Does she have a problem or something?

Sometimes when people tell me about their problems, I can’t help but ask why such a thing should happen to someone that good. I guess life is easier on some than others. I have a lady friend, whom we graduated together (eight years back), when we were in school, we were as close as the proverbial Siamese twins, of course we were in the same department, attend the same fellowship and invariably have the same friends. After graduation we all went our separate ways in search of greener pastures, we did not lose contact however, as she always make my parents home her base whenever she comes to town.
One day I just picked up the courage to ask her why she is not yet contemplating marriage and I was shocked at the response I got. She had been jilted so many times by so called believing brothers that she has now lost faith in relationship with men. You see, brothers will come to her today saying she is God’s will for them and the next day will tell her they were sorry but they were mistaken. I used to know her as a very strong believer who was also very active in fellowship activities, in fact I never thought she was going to have problem with marriage. Her latest courtship failed after the man unsuccessfully tried to travel out of the country in search of greener pasture, he just woke up one day to tell her that in view of all that is happening, he is not yet ready for marriage she should pray for someone else. How very pathetic, my friend is tending towards late 30s.
After this discussion, I felt very sorry for her and being my friend do not want to believe she has a fault that make men run from her. But what could be the problem?

He thought he’s better at it than I am.

As I was hurrying to go out of the office for lunch, I met this man out by the corridor and I was quite surprise to see a visitor at that time of the day because everyone connected to the company knows the rule around here. Once it’s lunchtime, no visitor is allowed into the office area until after. Upon questioning he claim to be an insurance sales man and I just frankly told him that all my insurance needs will be taken care of by Advantage Term Life, whom I have heard are quite dependable when it comes to any form of Coverage for Insurance, for Cheaper Insurance Rates and also for Whole Life Policies. I guess he did not need a second invitation to leave; he disappeared before I could finish my own sales pitch.

It’s a game of chance.

I’m never the type that likes to play games, and anything that involves hazardous uncertainty I’ve always shunned. My attitude is unlike that of my colleague in the office who likes to take unnecessary risks in the hope of gaining an advantage or getting an undeserved benefit. He cruises through the web searching for sites offering gambling or casino information. One of his favourites is fortune room, though his source of information is basically from online casino, I seriously can’t understand why someone will want to wager on something he has not seen or knows virtually next to nothing about. I guess his behaviour stems from being a bachelor without responsibility. For him, it’s good business, but for me it’s something else entirely. Recently my younger brother also got hooked on something similar, he played with his two months salary in the hope of getting double or thrice what he invested, but unfortunately he lost all his money. I guess gambling is not for the fainthearted.

05 November 2007

I hate poverty, it makes me unhappy!

Poverty is not good, it is sad and sometimes sickening to observe. Then abject poverty is… (Can’t find the right word to describe it). Poverty is a ruin of ones ego, the poor is shunned by the society, by the neighbours, by friends, by the government and most difficult to swallow by their family. Even children these days shun their parents and eventually abandon them in the hope of cutting off the string that ties them to poverty. A poor person is deserted by everyone he holds dear, ruled over by the rich, the person does not have any say among his peers, it is so sad.
I do not believe that someone could voluntarily wish to be poor, though there may be some issues that the poor person need to address in other to extricate himself or herself from poverty. For instance;
  • Laziness
  • Refusal to work
  • Responsibility greater than one’s income
  • Poor money management skills
  • Refusal to take up any other job apart from one qualified for
  • Being too slow either in action or thought
  • Not planning for the future.
  • Financial indiscipline
  • The fear of failure
  • Stinginess etc.

All these and many more could lead to poverty. They cannot afford the basic things like three meals a day, paying hospital bills, they don’t even have a roof over their heads, most exists in the open come rain or sunshine, some survive on items of clothing or food salvaged from waste bins or refuse dumps. When most of us pass them on the road, we try to avoid them like the plague with our well fed bodies clothed in the finest clothing from the top designers. Most even try to shield their children from this reality. I have been guilty of this, which is why I have decided to do this post.
Who has the responsibility of eradicating poverty? The person affected? The society? Or the government?

01 November 2007

What a sad world!

My thoughts today are with parents who have lost their child violently through the hands of perverted souls mistakenly labelled as human beings. There is no consoling such people; no amount of words could be enough to douse their bitterness and anger at life for allowing such thing to happen to their child. It pained me that someone somewhere birthed such human garbage and their births were also rejoiced over, probably with a lot of funfair, I wish their parent knew what they would become, maybe they could have done something to prevent these depraved entities from causing so much pain and anguish to innocent families by the brutal murder of their children. What pleasure could an adult get from sexually molesting small children who never understand anything other than to cry for mummy at the slightest pain or inconvenience.
My questions are;
Are such persons human?
What goes through their mind when perpetrating such evil?
Were such people born with paedophilic tendencies or was it developed over the years?
What make some people so cruel, wicked and unfeeling that even the cries that emanate from their victims is not enough to deter them from committing the evil act?
Friends, after reading this story from NAFASG, I could not stop crying at the inhumanity of some people. It could have been any other child from any part of the world, they are everywhere, please lets be very careful with our young ones.
May God protect us all.

30 October 2007

The Three things I can’t Let go of.

Got tagged once again by Shinade over at The painted veil and it seems as if we both have almost the same things we can’t let go of in the same other.
Firstly, I can never ever let go of my faith and believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, the author and finisher of my faith. Without whom I would have probably been forgotten in a tombstone inscribed with “To God be the Glory for a life well spent”.
Secondly, I can never ever let go of my wonderful family, from my parents, siblings, husband to the wonderful children he has blessed me with.
Thirdly, I don’t think I can ever let go of my compassionate self; I can never bear to see someone in pain, suffer, or go hungry not it is in my power to help, even though this has sometimes resulted in negative/bad feelings from others, but then, I don’t ever want to let go for the joy I have witnessed in the eyes of those that truly appreciate.

Shinade, thanks once again for this nice meme, watch out for this great bloggers who I believe also have some things they can’t let go of.



Saved by Jesus

Love angle

Electronic village

23 October 2007

Behind the smile.

How is it possible that someone you think is an upstanding citizen, who is supposed to be living a moral life is full of nothing but decay and rottenness, quite distressing. But such is the life lots of people live these days. It is not enough to say I am a Christian, I am born again etc. Now you really have to look into the person’s character, look behind the smile, look behind the fa├žade of gentleness and smoothness, look behind the phony words and false sincerity, and then you might be able to see the real person. I am not saying everybody is a phony, but these days’ people aren’t who they seem or what they professed to be, behind close doors you see a different person entirely.
That is exactly why things aren’t as they are supposed to be, imagine the crime rates, everywhere now, no country is an exception. Imagine the divorces, even of men and women of God, think about illegitimate births being recorded every hour of every day, you don’t know anything about this? Then go check out the motherless babies home around you. It is an almost impossible task for one to be able to identify an armed robber in broad daylight; men say one thing on the altar of God and do the opposite when they feel no one is watching.
Who are you behind the smile and subtle words? Are you?
A confusional- causing chaos wherever you go?
Corrupt – loots tax payer’s money to disburse at parties? Donate in churches where you think you can get atonement for your sins? Spend on high-class prostitutes? Build yourself monuments call residential buildings?
An adulterer – leave your partner bitter and unhappy in order to enjoy forbidden fruit elsewhere?
A paedophile – who lures young children with promises of sweets and chocolates to seduce them in unholy affair?
You probably gossip and backbite?
A ritualist? – Kill innocent people to enrich/empower yourself?
Need I go on about this? No, I think the picture is clearer now.
Who are you behind the smile?

17 October 2007

Marriage and ultimatum.

Recently I have heard complaints from both men and women alike about their spouses seeking to force them into making decisions on some issues or the other. This is bad for marriage, it does not promote love and harmony and it almost always lead to marriage break-ups. It goes like;
You have to choose between your family and me…………………
You really need to make up your mind about this now!
I need to have my own kids, don’t you get it?
I want male children or else……….
One more kid, you know I love children so much, how can you bear to deny me that pleasure?
I don’t like my wife working, I told you that before! And so on.
Sometimes we need to come to an understanding in other to make things right. Where there is love, there should also be sacrifices, we need to allow marriage to teach us forbearance, perseverance, self-restraint and a lot of other qualities we would not have needed if we’d stayed single.
I knew a woman who had five girls, and the husband was always on her back to try for another child whether it will be a boy, the woman resisted and the husband just kept mute over the issue, but his attitude towards the wife changed, he was no longer the loving husband and father, found every opportunity to complain about everything. Eventually after series of advice from friend on how she has to give in to the husband if she wanted to still be in marriage, she gave in, delivered the highly coveted son but lost her life in the process.
Another example of this was a wife who asked the husband to choose between his mother and her just because she felt the husband was paying too much attention to the mother’s financial and physical well being. She started by denying the husband his marital right. The husband was pushed into having an affair with another woman who did not care how much time or money the man spend on his mother, he finally abandoned the wife and two children to move in with the other lady.
A female bank executive, who has over the years build a good career and has earned the respect of her colleagues in the industry, got promoted and had to go on transfer to another branch of the bank across the country, at first everybody was happy but after a while, the husband got tired of taking care of the kids and their home in her absence, they tried to reach an agreement but it was not just good for the man, as he claimed he missed the wife in every way possible. The woman employed a live-in help, to assist the husband to take care of the children and other household chores like cooking, washing, etc. Unfortunately for the woman, before she came on her next visit, the live-in help had already taken over her entire home including the husband.
What gives?
I must honestly say that in a relationship where love exists, there is nothing like do it or else……….. It is only when love is fading away or totally lacking that a partner looks for excuse to issue commands that must be obeyed with military precision. Lets learn to live with and tolerate our partner’s shortcomings hoping and praying that he/she will eventually change.

Back on the scene - conclusion.

Like to talk about the friend I lost to lung cancer. The most painful part of this story is that he was not allowed to reap the fruits of his labour before he was untimely snatched away; I am only consoled with the fact that he accepted the Lord before he died. He was until few months back a staff of an oil producing company; he was laid off due to reorganisation in the company and was well paid off. He immediately made arrangements to set up a business of his own which he did successfully. But the month he was to officially open the business, he fell sick and at first it was like the usual sickness, but time proved him wrong. After series of test he was finally diagnosed as having lung cancer that had to be operated immediately or else… The operation was a success and after months of therapy he was finally discharged. All through these, he was a shadow of his old self and at every time we see him he always told us (my husband and I) that “it is written, I shall not die but live to declare the counsel of the Lord”. We were all so encouraged by his utterances; he was until his sickness a staunch Muslim, who was never ready to listen to anything Christianity.
The most annoying thing was that a day after his burial, the wife was asked (by his uncles) to hand over all his property to the family for accountability, mind you he has six children. He was the only son of his aged parent both of who were alive at the time of his death; it was a total shock to them.

My friend, my prayers are with you that the good Lord grant you eternal rest. I know your wife and children will be well taken care of by the only true God Jesus Christ, whom you fully surrendered your life to. He is the father to the fatherless and husband to the widow, be rest assured that he will be there for them always.

15 October 2007

Back on the scene - 1

It’s been quite a while,I hope you are all well and wonderfully great. I am glad to be back, I have missed you all.
Life has not been easy, even though the reason for my absence was because I was a bit under the weather, which should not have affected me to the extent of having to stay away for such a long time considering that I have always being a very strong and active person. But there were three major occurrences that contributed to the weakness I felt both in my body, soul and spirit.
The first of these was the loss of a Christian sister during childbirth. She was a member of my group in church. You see, because we were not so many in the group (just nine), we were always like sisters, we knew so much about one another and always like to carry each other along. We always used to say that we don’t need new members because of the friendship we enjoy. There was never discrimination among us unlike the other groups in the church, there is sharing, giving, loving and caring. I think that was why her death was such a shock to us all.

It was supposed to have being a normal delivery, but only God knew what went wrong that she had to lose her life in the process, this scared me silly and I cannot tell you how affected I was. She left her husband, parents and children including the newborn baby girl. There is nothing we can do other than take solace in the Lord our God and believe that she is having a peaceful rest in his bosom.

I think I have to continue this post later, might be boring if it’s too long. Will catch you with the other happenings later.

25 September 2007

I'm taking a leave of absence

I think the time as finally come for me to confess that I need some time off. I have been physically strong to say the least, and posting that used to be so much fun for me has become something I have been struggling with; I now need to summon all my willpower to complete a post.
Please, bear with me. Will be back as soon as I’m able to. Meanwhile, I will continue to visit my favourite blogs and read updates from all my subscriptions when I can.

Peace an Love,

20 September 2007

What God hath joined together?

Here is a story you may find very interesting, this conversation took place between Jesus and the Pharisees.
And the Pharisees came to him, and asked him, is it lawful for a man to divorce his wife? Tempting him.
And he answered and said unto them, what did Moses command you?
And they said, Moses suffered to write a bill of divorcement, and to put her away
And Jesus answered and said unto them, for the hardness of your heart he wrote you this precept.
But from the beginning of the creation God made them male and female.
For this cause shall a man leave his father and mother, and cleave to his wife;
And the two shall be one flesh, so then they are no more two, but one flesh.
What therefore God hath joined together, LET NOT MAN PUT ASUNDER.
(Mark 10: 2-9)

From the above conversation, it is clearly understood that marriage is for better for worse. I am happy that every bible believing christian would have at one time or the other come across this, but it is a pity that we still allow our marriages to be touched by the sentiments of this world. I find it funny and absurd that a christian will contemplate divorce, what then is our testimony, thinking about divorce alone is already going contrary to the will of our father. The only divorce permitted in the bible according to my understanding of 1 Cor. 7: 1- its end, is DEATH. It was also recorded in that book that if you have to separate from your husband for any reason at all, then you must not remarry, the only clause that I think should give room for this is in the case of excessive abuse, if either of the partner’s life is at stake, it is better that the abused stayed away from the abuser, rather than risk death.

Know this also; that marriage carries a lot of responsibilities that require experience and maturity, it is therefore for matured adults only. Matured in mind and body, able to deal with problems without prejudice or bias.

Most importantly, those already married, please pray that God impart his love into your marriage, so that every day of your married life is like a new beginning.Remember that old wine tastes better with age.

For singles: let there be genuine love before marriage is considered at all, learn to differentiate between love and infatuation so that you can save yourself from future problems and heartache.

Be blessed always.

18 September 2007

Reverse reasoning indeed!

I read a write up on marriage titled reverse reasoning, it highlighted some good points I cannot help but agree with. It mentioned the fact that a lot of marriages started out as rosy affairs and to quote the article “rosy fog of optimism” which I found to be very true. Most couples set out in marriage being blinded to each other’s shortcomings. They only see what they want to see in each other, the good points. Even though it is clear that a person cannot be 100% good, they choose to turn their backs on the other side and remain to be temporarily blind to that aspect of their partner’s life. After few months of marriage, the excitement wears off and voila! The fog is lifted and those traits that used to excite wear off, then the problems start and those same trait now become something they detest, hate, and regard as faults. It is indeed reverse reasoning. I wish all this would stop, nothing makes me happy than to see couples happy and enjoying their married life, but when I hear stories of infidelity, separation and divorce, I feel so unhappy, so sad for couples undergoing such traumas in their marriages. Imagine the so popular television evangelist, Juanita Bynum and her bishop husband, Thomas Weeks III getting divorced, what has christain marriage turned into? Where was the love they once professed for each other, where is God’s love in their live?

14 September 2007

For Ejiro,the best bride ever.

I don’t know how many times I have prayed that every couple being joined together in holy matrimony will remember the day in time to come and smile for joy because of the undying and untarnished love still existing in their union.
Ejiro my blogger friend ties the knot tomorrow at the winner’s chapel, and the above thought came back to me, and I simply wish her the best on her wedding day and in the future. Though I have planned to be there, but then, man proposes and God disposes (hope I got that right).
I have just a few prayers for you:
Your marriage will not end before it started.
Your love will not die a premature death but the lord will deepen and strengthen your love for each other every new day
Children are the heritage of the Lord and fruit of the womb is his reward, so shall the lord reward your marriage in Jesus name.

Happy married life.

Why I love PayPerPost.

I vividly remembered opening my yahoo inbox on the 9th of august 2007 to a mail from support@payperpost.com telling me “Your Blog has been approved”. At first I was surprised because I had earlier submitted the same blog and was rejected because it did not meet one or two of their requirements at that time. So it was a big surprise to finally hear that my blog now belong to the payperpost family. I realize that their service is so quick and easy and I love that about them.The traffic generation is surperb as well.Until now I have only taken five opportunity posts and I am expecting $41.01 with which I plan to register my own domain name and possibly get a hosting into the bargain.

13 September 2007

Show that you care.

It is a known fact that the success of a marriage depends on the two people involved; they both need to work together to ensure happiness in the marriage. Can two walk together unless they agree? NO! It is the responsibility of the partners to make each other happy. The usual trend in homes is that the men go out to work in order to support their family while the wife take care of the home in his absence. But these days, most wives assist to complement the effort of their husband by working, even though the household chores is already a full time employment. It is sometimes very tiring to combine career with our duties as wives and mothers. Wives need to be encouraged and appreciated, we need to be cherished, we need our husbands going extra length for us, we need our husband’s support and affection, and most importantly, we need honesty and openness in our relationship with our husband. We also need our husbands to:
Show us love in tangibles ways; like taking us out and giving us treats, arranging holidays just for the two of us.
Share with us their daily experiences, stories, ideas, and encounters outside the home,
Give us happy surprise sometimes, like get us breakfast in bed, flowers, candy, new dress, undies, or a wonderful gift we can cherish.
Make great sacrifices for us – help out with some of the household chores, opt to spend time with us instead of having a guy’s night out.
Touch, hold, caress, kiss and hug very often and not wait for invitation to do so.
Take delight in our body and share sexual and intimate moments with us.
As wives, we are also expected to:
Be as attractive as possible for them
Be a loving and non judgmental friend
Admire their efforts and abilities
Ensure they are sexually fulfilled (this is highly important)
Show them we love and care for them.
Pet them more than we do our children. (Remember they are our first babies)
Offer them intelligent and sound advice when necessary.
Always be ready to escort them on recreational activities.
Support their dreams and assist to actualize them.
Offer both domestic and moral support.
Be proud of their achievements no matter how small.
In summary, both parties should strive to give out what the other needs; there should always be oneness.

11 September 2007

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10 September 2007


Someone once asked me, what success means to me? I did not have to think twice about my reply, I simply answered that as far as I am concerned; success is being the best mother in the whole wide world to my wonderful children. It is seeing my children become the greatest children the world has ever heard of. This is my definition of success.
I have read somewhere that when we were coming to life; every one of us was entrusted with a cargo, our cargo includes children, spouses and friends. And for our journey to be successful, we have to deliver our cargo to their destination. The most important of our cargo is our children; they are to be delivered without spot or blemish, teach them the way of the Lord. Never make them promises you cannot fulfil, don’t be a do I say kind of parent, but do as I do. Admit mistakes when you make them and don’t punish them unfairly; give them audience at all times.
A writer once wrote that he knew of a number of wealthy men who were not successes as fathers. They made money rapidly; their factories were marvels of organization; their money investments were sound and made with excellent judgment, and their contributions to public service were useful and all willingly made. At the end they have their fortune on one hand, and worthless and dissolute children on the other.
They spend too much time making money and too little time was spent with their children.
What does success means to you?

07 September 2007

My Niece

When one of my nieces was invited to stay with my parents, I was not consulted and I therefore did not see any reason to proffer an opinion, which may not be welcome then. As times goes on, there were series of issues arising from that decision they made that later forced them to consult me. The most important of which was, the girl in question cannot communicate in English, everything has to be in native language which puts a damper on their image when visitors drop by or when she’s alone in the house and had to answer the house phone and her scores were so bad. I had to take pity on them and introduce them to Innovative Tutor for their tutoring program, which helped her a lot. Now her school grades are improved and she communicates and writes well.

06 September 2007

Funny interlude

I recently bought some animal characters including the alphabets A-Z and letters 0-9 for my two years old son. It’s a learning aid of sort, very colorful and quite attractive. Shortly after it was fixed, I invited the big boy to come and learn his alphabets and you can imagine my surprise when he tried to rip them off the wall. Meanwhile his dad already warned me, he might do something like that, and I was like no he would not dare. So we started learning like this;

Me: A

Ladi: A

Me: B

Ladi: Shhh (meaning C)

Me: No not C yet, say B

Ladi: Shhh

I got fed up and concluded that he does not like the letter B. And thinking he might find the animals more fun, I moved to the animal characters, and I said, say monkey, pointing at the monkey

Ladi: Shay key (meaning - say monkey)

Me: (Pointing at rabbit) say rabbit

Ladi: "Ahhh bitttti"

And he walked away to find a new interest. I can't help wondering if he's too young and I'm being in a hurry or if that attitude is just typical of two year olds. Being a first time mum,I just hope and pray that I'm getting it all right.

03 September 2007


When someone tells you, “I hope you won’t mind me telling you this,” be pretty sure you will mind. The best way to end a gossip is to ask the talebearer if you may quote him or her. If the person says no, then you know the person is a gossip. If the person answers yes, then you should contact the recipient to verify the story you heard.
One of my friends was recently accused of gossip, and I was like Whaoooo! What’s that? I will tell you why I asked that; I don't involve myself in other people's affair unless the person concerned invites me and then I don’t broadcast to all and sundry what the person disclosed to me in secrets. I don't want to know what is happening in your home, how you relate with your husband or with the common friends we have, because when it start, it may be difficult to remove oneself from it. This my friend like to talk, she also has ways of fishing out information from people, she will pretend to be concerned and before you know it, you’re telling her your whole life’s story which in a matter of minutes after she might have left you, would be common news. Most time when she tell you something, she will tell you that you’re the only person she has told and that you should not let any other person know. But in the next minute she will tell another person the same story but with more details and on and on she goes until the story spread back to the recipient. Often times, she will not remember she has told you something about someone and will even deny saying such things when later confronted.I started wondering what her problem is, is it that she always have temporary memory loss after a gossip or she conveniently decides to forget. Not that she will stop; she will just deny her involvement when confronted.
Some say there is healthy gossip, but there is nothing of such; just be careful what you say about people, because someone may pick up your remarks, and you may be surprised at what some people may think they hear.

31 August 2007

Marital discord

There are a great many reasons why there are disagreements in a lot of marriages today. Imagine a couple that started out well as husband and wife, the day of their wedding it was like they could never have enough of each other, but what happens after few months of marriage? Grumblings here and there, complaints about almost everything. All of a sudden the once loving couple then turned into two strangers putting up with each others presence, right in their own home. I remembered the days at school, when we all try unsuccessfully to put up with roommates, some trials yield good fruits as we later learn to accommodate each other’s likes and dislikes. Some were not so lucky as some of the roommates cannot stand being near each other for any reason. We all had no choice, the school authority made all the arrangements and except you had alternative, you have to bear the living conditions of the hostel you were allocated.
Marriage is not to be endured, but to be enjoyed. There are lots of reasons why there could be discord in a marriage, some are listed here and these are from sampled opinions of friends and relatives:

Lack of true love:
Many people confuse infatuation with
love; feelings that were generated from how a person looks, the way the person talk, dresses, etc were not always good grounds for marriage. There has to be a deeper feeling that goes way beyond physical appearance. Such people always failed to know that the love they feel for each is not enough to warrant marriage, they only realise it after staying together as married couple. These are mostly common in celebrity marriages.

Lots of people felt that without material possessions life would not be worthwhile. They value themselves by what and how much material goods they possess. Such attitude could end a marriage especially if the other partner is not so materialistic in nature. You must be in vogue, on top of fashion, forgetting that there are only two ways to get enough and you can only choose one, either to accumulate more and more or to desire less.

When children are not forthcoming in a marriage, some couple tends to feel that they are not right for each other, which in all the cases is not true. When it comes to children, it is only God that gives them at his appointed time. They are his heritage and nobody can hurry God, he makes all things beautiful in his time. I know a couple that had to divorce after years of marriage because of childlessness. This is not supposed to be so. Procreation is one of the many
reasons for marriage, and not the reason. We should take care so that unnecessary things will not destroy our happiness. Let’s be patient while waiting on God.

Some people are not matured enough to marry. Issues may arise in marriage that does not require outside involvement or interference, but because of immaturity every little problem in the home is discuss with all and sundry, resulting in diverse views and opinions being expressed by advisers. Some are emotional displays, like the story of an older man, who got married to a girl about twenty years his junior, whenever the man get home from work, he has his priority in the order of bath first, listen to news then food. But the wife thought otherwise, she must have believe that if the man eats immediately after his bath, it then means that her cooking is highly valued and her efforts appreciated. She also cannot take correction, like honey please try to reduce the salt next time, she will start wailing and it will only take a lot of pacifying to stop her.

Unfaithfulness in marriage can be either ways, husband cheating on the wife or vice versa. This mostly is not as a result of either party failing in anyway, but because of an underlying desire to cheat. Read more on marriage and infidelity.

List is endless, will have to think up more and continue on this next time.

Have a wonderful marriage.