07 May 2007

Keys to a Successful family.

A family consists of the father, mother and their children, living together as a group doing things in common and having same traits and often times share common attitudes, interests, and goals. Families are to promote each other’s happiness and welfare, invest time and energy in each other and made family their number one priority. It is important that schedules are structured to allow family members to spend time together and also listen well to each other’s troubles and complaints.
A successful family must at all times learn to:

· Communicate and listen
· Affirm and support family members
· Respect one another
· Develop a sense of trust
· Share time and responsibility
· Know right from wrong
· Have rituals and traditions
· Share a religious core
· Respect each other’s privacy.

Remember that a prayerful family stays together.

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Esther said...

Hi, i really do agree with about 95% of what you'd written in here. If only a fraction of families do advocate what you'd written, I doubt societal problems would be as blatantly apparent as it is now.