25 July 2007

Good works

Helping others is one way of showing that we love them and we are ready to share what we have with them. We can share love, clothing, money, time, etc, etc.
The fact that we have and are in a position to give out is enough proof that God can still do more for us if we can only reach out to others in need. Believe me, everything that God has given us is for us to benefit humanity. If you have something to offer others by utilising the gifts and talents bestowed upon you by God to help others I think the world would be a better place live.
You see, everyday you pass through a street, regardless of where you live, you see people without homes, penniless, hungry and without hope looking for succour, but no one is ready or willing to help. There are many motherless babies, orphans and even abused children in our world, what are we doing to better their lot?
Agreed, the world is indeed corrupt, and you need to think twice before offering help for fear of falling into fraudulent hands, and the fear of being tricked out of one’s hard earned money or whatever is enough to put one off. Please note that there are a lot of charity homes through which you can reach out to the needy. It is not compulsory that you only give money or material things, you can volunteer time out of a busy schedule to help at any volunteer centre or old people’s home close to you, the bottom line is that we be involved in making the world a better place not only for our families and friends but for others outside this group also.
A kind word, a loving observation, a listening hear might just change the destiny of someone out there, Just have something to offer.

Stay blessed.

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