07 November 2007

Does she have a problem or something?

Sometimes when people tell me about their problems, I can’t help but ask why such a thing should happen to someone that good. I guess life is easier on some than others. I have a lady friend, whom we graduated together (eight years back), when we were in school, we were as close as the proverbial Siamese twins, of course we were in the same department, attend the same fellowship and invariably have the same friends. After graduation we all went our separate ways in search of greener pastures, we did not lose contact however, as she always make my parents home her base whenever she comes to town.
One day I just picked up the courage to ask her why she is not yet contemplating marriage and I was shocked at the response I got. She had been jilted so many times by so called believing brothers that she has now lost faith in relationship with men. You see, brothers will come to her today saying she is God’s will for them and the next day will tell her they were sorry but they were mistaken. I used to know her as a very strong believer who was also very active in fellowship activities, in fact I never thought she was going to have problem with marriage. Her latest courtship failed after the man unsuccessfully tried to travel out of the country in search of greener pasture, he just woke up one day to tell her that in view of all that is happening, he is not yet ready for marriage she should pray for someone else. How very pathetic, my friend is tending towards late 30s.
After this discussion, I felt very sorry for her and being my friend do not want to believe she has a fault that make men run from her. But what could be the problem?

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awannabe said...

I don't know about men in their thirties, but it seems like when I was a teenager a lot of guys I went out with would end the relationship after I gave myself to them physically. I wonder what they guys your friend has been with were seeking? I think maybe a lot of it is guys don't value relationships and are self centered. People take marriage for granted.

Refinedone said...

it may not be her...it's hard to say, you did not say anything about her personality only her character as a believer... if two of you where that close, talking about relationship should have come easy.
I like to be practical, so maybe when this brothers are coming with there"your God's will for me" story did she prayer about it herself?
As a good friend if you see a fault in her, you should let het know...and should be able to know you love her enough not to get offended by what ever it maybe...