31 May 2007

Profile of a strong family.

Good Communication Patterns
Families are to spend time talking with each other. They are also to listen well to one another, which shows respect. Remember, it takes two to communicate.

Time Together
Spending time together in all areas of their lives;meals, work, recreation, taking interest in each other’s hobbies, ensures togetherness.It is important to structure your schedules to spend time together. Always express desire for more time with your family.


Family members gave one another compliments and sincere demonstrations of approval. They tried to make the others feel appreciated and good about themselves. Say wonderful things to each other. Learn to take pleasure in your family at all times.

High Degree of Commitment
Promoting one another’s happiness and welfare, investing time and energy in each other can also make a family union strong. It is also necessary to make family a number one priority, because when other things take priority over the family, the members will suffer.

High Degree of Religious Orientation
It is essential for family members to worship together. Someone once said that a family that pray together stay together.

Ability to Deal with Crises in a Positive Manner
It is essential that all family members be able to handle life’s blows and emotional crisis maturely without blame or bitterness. Must be willing to take a bad situation, see something positive in it and focus on that.In hoping for the best, always prepare for the worst.

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