14 April 2008

Coping with challenges in marriage.

There are various ways to cope with marital challenges, depending on the challenges you are faced with. Coping also depends on your level of tolerance and that of your partner. You must know how far to go especially with a highly volatile person with whom little things cause friction.

Ways to cope:
Be matured in your approach to resolving issue.
Understand each other
Be calm and composed even when the situation is aggravating.
Don’t build thick skin, be free and fare while considering your partner’s view of the situation.
Finally, withdraw if peace is not immediately realistic and re-address the issue when the situation is calm.
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channelofhealing said...

Thanks Bola for this post I really liked the part were you said "withdraw when peace is not immediately realistic" good point.
keep up the good work

tkwi said...

What if the other person doesn't seem to think what you see is a problem? Is a problem? For example, I disowned my mother inlaw last week for verbally attacking my children using profanity. I wrote her a letter and told her she was no longer welcome in my home as long as she continued to use that language. Neither my children or my husband saw the language usage as a problem.

She also takes the Lords name in vain constantly, putting the "F" slang word between Jesus and Christ. It bothers me to no end.

Hmmm... I still think someone needs to write a book on being married to an non-Christian cuz sometimes I want to pull my hair out.

Free-flowing Florida said...

d way 2 cope wit marital challenges: no go marry wahala, cos den no amt of coping u cope go make any effect. see all d plenty women wey don die trowey in d name of coping with marital challenges

Shinade said...

Hello Bola,
It is so good to finally be back. I took a much needed break back in February.

I am just returning within the last couple of weeks. I have been striving to visit and get caught up.

You always have such an incredibly powerful and insightful message to deliver.

Also my son in law arrived home from Iraq just this week. We have been so blessed Bola. He and all of his unit came home unharmed. And, God saw fit that they will not have to carry the burden...of harming or killing anyone.

That was Bill's biggest concern when he found out that he was going. We as a family don't support this war. We are so grateful to God that he did not have to hurt anyone!!

Great post!!
I am highlighting blogs all week from around the world. And we haven't been to Africa yet?

Shinade said...

Hi Bola,
Grrrr...blogger I just wrote a great comment.

Now I will make it short. I have been away from my blog since February. I simply closed the doors and took a much needed rest.

I am back now and trying so very very hard to get around to all of my friends.

Also wanted to let you know that Bill made it back from Iraq this week. He and his entire unit came home unharmed and were notonce put in a situation where they had to harm or kill anyone.

For that we are most grateful to God!!
God Blees You,