14 April 2009

To stop the dream, I need closure.

At Xtmas, there was a lot of excitement in the air. Being excited comes naturally to everyone who started January and was about to witness the beginning of a new year 2009, I was excited too and I can feel same from every one I know, family members included. What I don’t understand was why people had to let the excitement get out of hand. It was quite confusing! Some cannot wait to welcome the New Year, in their excitement; they did things that put them at risk through which they could lose their lives and put everyone related to them in sorrow.
On a Saturday morning few days before Xtmas, I was on my way to Port Harcourt, shortly before Bomadi, I witnessed an accident that made me realise now more than ever that life is nothing, and a life without God is totally and absolutely useless. Some of the victims were travelling home for Xtmas; you can imagine the state their families were at Xtmas and New Year. I suspected it was a head on collision, nothing short of that could have resulted in that much fatality. Human parts were like pieces of rags on the road, their blood flowing everywhere with their properties strewn all over the road. It was a gruesome accident; I have never witnessed such before and never prayed to witness such ever again (Amen).
That incident has been on my mind all along and I realised the only way to get closure is writing about it, to send out a word of caution to everyone reading this post to be careful and not let the excitement of the season gets into their heads. Imagine travelling home for Xtmas to meet family member’s whom you have not seen for some time, you called ahead that you were coming, the expectation was high, the best thing would be for you to reunite in peace and joy, not maimed or worst for the corpse to be sent home to be buried.
Lets us be very careful. Life has no duplicate; it is better to be late than late. Anywhere you are going, caution is required when driving and if driven, please stay alert and keep track of the driver’s speed.

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Online Forex Trading Tutor said...

May you not have a repeat of such horrible site. It is unfortunate that Nigerian road users tends to be carefree with safety during festive periods. This comes as a surprise since the roads are often in deplorable conditions.
I guess it has to do with the fact that SPEED THRILLS.
Thanks for sharing your experience. It is my prayer that the Lord will help you get over the shock of the horrible accident while you retain the lesson it offers. It is always better to be CAREFUL than to be SORRY. Cheers.

Bola said...

Thanks for your comment.In this country, nobody wants to obey speed limits,reckless overtaking is just the in-thing, many claim to have several years of driving experience but that do not help when it happens, there are things that are quite beyond our control.I just pray that i overcome that gruesome memory forever. Thanks again for stopping by.