23 June 2009

Joint Bank Account.

Is it really good for a couple to have/keep a joint bank account?

Can you as a woman or man agree to such arrangement?

On what grounds can a couple opened a joint bank account and to what purpose?

I could not answer any of the above questions because I have never and will never keep a joint account. I don’t think it is necessary and it is not a way to demonstrate how much I love my husband/trust him, NO. I love my husband, I also trust him but the issue of joint bank account has never arisen. Of course I have access to his ATM cards and vice versa, we do sign blank checks for each other to use and so on, I don’t think we require any more to show that we love and trust each other.

A friend of mine at the husband’s bidding opened a joint account with the husband. Both of them had to deposit half of their salaries into the account for the upkeep of the home and children. They both have good jobs and are highly paid, after a while, huge sums of money-started disappearing from the account without explanation and the wife had to cater to household needs with the other half of her salary. She later found out that the man is fully into adultery and all other terrible vices you could think of. Of course my friend had to withdraw from the arrangement and that made the man furious, so much so that now, it is only God that could calm the situation.

Of course I don’t know the kind of advice I’d give my friend, but it is bad to know that your husband is using your hard earned cash to buy all sorts of expensive gifts and even car for another woman outside, while the woman had to manage on her own to pay the bills including children’s school fees which was supposed to be their joint responsibility.

Is it really worth it?


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Nigerian Entrepreneur said...

I believe that the issue of joint account has to be decided based on its suitability to each couple.
For some couple it works, for others it doesn't.

I'll use myself for example. I have a joint account with my wife, but she is the type that hates going to the bank. So, any fund that is dropped in the joint account sits there until I go to get it. After a while, we stopped using it completely.

That is not to say that joint account is not useful.
I've had testimonies of couples that operate joint accounts and it has helped them greatly. However there are others like your friend that you mentioned that have gotten into trouble via joint account.

It all boils down to how TRANSFORMED are the husband and wife?
If a man or woman is truly TRANSFORMED by the word of God, any method they choose to use in running their home will work.
On the other hand, any CARNAL man or woman can always create a problem by exploiting whatever loop-hole exist in the arrangement on grand.

For example, in your case, you give your husband access to your ATM cards. The reason why you've not have reason to cry is because he is godly. Else, he can as well use the ATM card to buy jewelries for a stranger! (God forbid)

Nice post, thanks for sharing.