20 July 2009

For Men’s Attention:Ways to keep your wife closer:

Treat her like a queen!
Most men are under the impression that women, if treated nicely will get spoilt, grow wings or have an inflated ego. NO! When a woman is treated well and accord all due respect, it brings out the good qualities in her. Remember there is a sublime level where, if you carry a person to, he/she begins to acquire noble qualities and show grace rather than being naughty. It is to this level that husbands must lift their wives. Recall the popular saying; “you scratch my back I scratch your back”. Treat her well and you will receive it in good measure.

Care for her

Fact of the matter is that women love to be cared for. We love to be pampered and treated like a queen, no woman is an exception. And care is one of the ways that any wise man will employ to his wife closer. If you must keep your woman closer, you must work hard at caring for her needs, finding out what makes her happy or cry, cry with, laugh with her according to the season tell more than any word could.

Consult her;

When taking decisions that directly or indirectly affect her, please consult her. She is supposed to be the sounding board on which your plans and moves will be tested before taking decisions. She is your second in command and so should be your no.1 adviser.

Seeking her advise is important as this will make her realise how much you value and believe in her even when you will not be bound by the advise.


In this generation, women are beginning to regard the level of lovemaking demanded by their husbands as an index of the love they have for them because the world we live in now, there are intruders and man snatching is rampant, it is possible that a man had already has his fill outside only for him to come home to ignore the wife or see the wife as undesirable. The level of lovemaking demanded by a man can be an indication of the man’s faithfulness to his wife, so it is highly important to have a good bedroom relationship as it can breed a closeness that is noticeable at any level of marriage.

Going out and surprise purchases for her can really show that you care.


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Clement said...

Bola, these are good lessons...keep them coming:)

familyblog said...

WOW, this is well said. If only all men can put it to action.