21 May 2007

Divorce Proof Your Marriage (Conclusion)

Christian families have become materialistic and have become burdened with debt and plans for getting ahead too fast.You have heard, "If you want something you've never had, you have to do something you've never done." Try it just for kicks! This one "tune-up" won't fix all of your problems, but you will be amazed how far it goes in helping out.

Paul Harvey, the radio news commentator, found these two items in common to long-lasting marriages:
1) A sense of humour in both partners, and
2) Faith in God.

Being married and happy takes work and prayer, even for Christians. Time in conversation with your spouse keeps communication channels open. Communication itself is a skill
that needs to be developed. Mates must allow all conversation to be free, even wild or bad ideas must be free to share.

As long as mates are chatting a lot and sharing everything, the chances of a breakup are slim.

God bless you.

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