16 May 2007

Divorce Proof Your Marriage (Part 2)

When that intimacy at home decreases by the day, the husband will look for someone who will listen to his heart. If some woman at the office spends time listening to him, the wife at
home is in danger. One day the husband comes home, declares that he doesn't love you anymore and is initiating a divorce.

What happened?

The woman at the office captured his heart, and the lonely husband feels like this woman at work will listen to him. If the communication problem isn't fixed, the second marriage may
not work out either.

This of course applies to the woman at the office with a listening man's ear.

It's a divorce that never should have happened!

(Do I hear any "Amens" out there?)

Okay. What can be done about this 'communication problem?'

One of the answers is this: Frequent breaks from the daily
routine of taking care of the kids.

(C'mon, guys! How long would you last doing her job?)

Take a weekend a month and have an overnight trip somewhere romantic.Spend some time together undisturbed by the kids.Relieve your wife of stress with these getaways.

Talk a lot.
Share your heart a lot.
Make it so that there are no secrets between the two of you.
That takes courage and time, but is well worth it.

And on occasion, have a weekend of wild sex with each other.

Put these mini-vacations in your budget. They are *very* important.Get away together frequently!

A message to the men is appropriate here: Men, when your wife talks to you, look at her straight in the eye.

Pay attention to her!

You may be able to repeat what she is telling you, but are you really listening?

Treat your wife like your hunting buddy or other true friend.
Forget about bills, work, projects, the to-do list, updating
your bank account -- until you have had a SATISFYING talk (in HER opinion) with her.

This is part of real 'communication' with your wife.

To be continued....................

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Abbey said...

Had our family weekend last week and the whole discussion centred around reasons why there are lots of infidelity in marriages today,I think this topic is good,if one can use this advice,ones marriage will indeed be divorce proof.this post should be passed round all married couple so everytone can learn a lesson or two.
Great work sis.

Refinedone said...

Hi, First time here...enjoying reading your tips on marriage...(one of my passions)

will be back :)