14 May 2007

Divorce Proof Your Marriage (Part 1)

This lovely message was from my friend Olaitan,I will post it in segments for easy read.

Remember a long time ago when your marriage seemed ideal and you
and your spouse had no cares whatsoever?

Did something happen to your lovely marriage?

What was it?

It was a communication problem.

WAIT!!!!!! Don't skip out of this issue yet!!!!!!

What happened?

When you had no children and you were both starting out,
nothing got in the way of you and your adorable spouse.
But as time went on and kids came, things changed.

The wife gets to stay home and take care of the kids (hoo-rah!)
while the husband earns the bread. After a long, hard day with
the kids, the wife doesn't want to have ANYTHING to do with ANYBODY.

It's subtle and will take a period of time to come to this, but
it will happen. This is interpreted by the husband as:
1) A lack of interest in sex
2) A lack of interest in you

Then feelings get ruffled easy and the constant flow of
communication slows down.

Bills come in and it becomes a burden to make ends meet.
Then the husband doesn't want to talk either.

Pretty soon neither the wife nor the husband has that intimacy
that comes from the CONVERSATION they used to have. A husband
really does want to talk - perhaps not as much as the wife,
but he still wants to have a woman who will listen to his heart.

To be continued.....................

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