09 May 2007


With the spate of divorce in our society these days it is highly essential that we know it’s effect on our loved ones. Most couple heading for divorce only thought of themselves and not the other lives that may be affected by their decision. Such decisions were made without due consideration for the children involved in the marriage (if there are any).

I have a friend whose husband recently asked for divorce on grounds of incompatibility, fortunately there are no issues involved but then the effect their decision had on us friends was immeasurable. Each of their friends had to decide which partner to remain with as friends because it is not just possible to continue to be friends with both not when they now have different partners.

Here are my views on the effect of divorce on a family.
· Children of divorced parents tend to undergo series of trauma, as evidenced in some research; divorce has negative effects on a child’s psychological, emotional and physical, health and well-being.
· Women suffers more in divorce, they become emotionally unstable and tend to find succor where it does not exist. For example, a woman went back to a once rejected admirer after divorce from her husband, which resulted in another rejection and series of heartbreak. Some take to alcohol, prostitution and so on. The woman is usually stigmatized.Please note that the percentage of women that survived divorce is small compared to those that succumb

· Children of divorced parents enter adulthood as worried, underachievers and sometimes angry young men and women.
· Children of divorced parents cause a strikingly disproportionate share of discipline problems in schools and fare far worse academically than their peers from two-parent homes.
· Lastly, it has more severe financial consequences for men than for women.

This is important for mums and dads considering divorce or those that are already in the process. Please read these and if possible reconsider the option of divorce, learn to love each other, remember no one is perfect and please for the sake of the children involved

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