20 June 2007


An institution of higher learning, a school where the two different and separate human beings come together to build a home where love abounds and race, ethnicity and class is totally forgotten.
Marriage as ordained by God at the beginning through Adam and Eve should be viewed as sacred and should be approached with sanctity for those still searching for the right partner. Every husband should be like Uriah, who I named God’s kind of husband whose marital life attracted God’s attention positively and powerfully. Even though he was a peasant soldier, a non-Jew and does not know God or the bible (II Sam12: 1-end) but King David brought his marriage into limelight when he decided to take the poor man’s (Uriah) only ewe lamb (Bathsheba) from him. We all know about Ruth also.
God instituted marriage for certain reasons; all of which we should try not to lose focus of at any time in our marriage. It was ordained for;

For Companionship – God witness Adam’s loneliness in the Garden of Eden, which he confessed to by stating that “it is not good that man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him” Gen. 2:18. Because God knew that loneliness is dangerous and a silent killer, he approved the first marriage in history for this first major reason.

To obey God – in Gen 1:28,the Lord God commanded that we be fruitful, multiply and also replenish the earth. It is not possible that man alone reproduces, there must be a woman, and in other to obey this command, there has to be a marriage.

For propagation – from the above, it is clear that through marriage we are suppose to bear fruit and multiply in other to populate the human race.

For 2+2 to be equal to 1 – Gen 2:24b,that the two shall be one flesh” which remind me of a common saying that two heads are better than one, the man and woman through marriage must become one in other to get good reward for their labour. That is why in a marriage where the couples does not have children yet, it is important that they be in agreement both in action and prayer to be able to get reward for their effort.

The crux of this message is that God created marriage in other that we stay away from fornication and adultery. It is good that every man have his own wife and every woman her own husband. It is true that men and women are born with sexual desires that are normal, good and legit, but these desires are only expected to be satisfied or fulfilled through marriage, any deviation from this is a sin against the body and ultimately against GOD.

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