25 June 2007


Our seeds are our children, our heritage from the lord. They are our greatest assets, they are expected to promote our names, support and defend us in our old age. The authority of parents, especially of the father, over children is very great, and we should use this authority as avenue to prepare our children for greatness. It is not all children that were born to be great or be leaders; some are meant to serve while others are to be served.
In preparing children for greatness, it is important that we consider their spiritual development as paramount, because if we have all other form of investment in place and refused to lead them to Christ, it may make rubbish of them. Eunice, who trained her son from his childhood in the knowledge of the Scriptures as recorded in Ac 16:1, should be an example to all mothers. We should train our children to;
  • Know the Scriptures
  • Observe the law of God
  • Show love to parents
  • Attend to parental teaching
  • Make their parent’s hearts glad
  • Know that their obedience to parent is well pleasing to God
  • Take care of parents
  • Honor the aged
  • Live an exemplified life.

Remain bless.

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