17 July 2007

Am I worthy of love?

Am I lovable, can I be loved, do people love me, and how can I be loved, how do I know if someone loves me? The questions seem endless don’t you think? But people asked them all and others I presently cannot remember. But ask yourself this:
Am I worthy of love?
If your answer is yes then ask yourself this:
Why do people love me?

I honestly cannot answer any of these questions for anyone in particular but I can make some guess at some answers. You see if you’re worthy of someone’s love you will know, now you know what love look like, then look inside yourself to see if you have any of loves attributes;

Are you selfless?
Do you see other’s miseries and wants?
Do you help others in need and hasten to their aid?
Do you feel their hurts; hear their sigh of bitterness and sorrows?
Are you concerned for others?
Can you accommodate others shortcomings?
You don’t count costs when helping others?
You don’t brag and you’re not proud or arrogant?
You don’t judge people wrongly?
You are patient and kind?
You are not easily provoked into anger?
You are not jealous of others accomplishments and acts unbecomingly?
You see people as having great potentials and always expect the best of them?

You are not partial?

If you answered YES to all these and many others you may think of, then you’re worthy of love and those that love you do so because you’re being simply YOU.
You see love is quite costly; it is so expensive that you can only afford it by GRACE.
You could show someone you love him or her, but why not tell the someone “I LOVE YOU”.

It is better late than never.

Try it now and make that someone in your life or family happy.

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