12 July 2007

Love- what does it look like?

Love has several meanings depending on your perspective, but in simple terms, it is the expression of deep affection or likeness for a person irrespective of their gender. Answering the question of what it looks like is another simple thing, love looks exactly the way you do, in other words love can do all that you can also do if you allow it.
Love has mouth, it can talk,
It has eyes to see misery and want,
It has hands and legs to help others in need and to hasten to the aid of the poor and needy;
It has ears to hear the hurts, the sighs, bitterness and sorrows;
Love also creates,
Love asks,
Love gives,
Love open and close doors,
It expands,
It’s selfless,
It makes up for a lot of fault.

It is therefore necessary to let you know that it is imperative for you to love people more than they deserve and to continuously allow the force of love, which is more powerful than any other to rule, your life always.

Remember in other to be loved, you must be lovable.

2 Reaction(s).:

Franx Budi said...

Love is beautiful and make others to take and give, sharing the feeling..It's wonderful article.I agree 100%

Yasmin said...

Well said, Bola!

Love is always beautiful. I can't imagine life without love???