21 August 2007

Anger, a nature of mankind.

Anger is aptly described by dictionary.com as a strong feeling of displeasure and belligerence aroused by a wrong. It is a strong feeling of displeasure or hostility usually directed at another person. It is never without a reason, but not often a good one. Some studies have reported that people who are always angry does not live long, especially if there is a history of disease or sickness that could be aggravated by anger.
Anger is a good emotion when used constructively, it is God given and is designed to be used for constructive spiritual purposes. Remember when the bible talks about the kingdom of heaven, and that only a violent man can take it by force, anger breed violence, someone cannot just be violent without having righteous anger within, the person who cannot feel anger at evil is a person who lacks enthusiasm for good. One will need to have a strong hatred for wrongdoing before you can claim the love of righteousness.
That’s putting anger to good use.
Anger that is directed towards hurting our loved ones is wrong and a terrible waste of emotions that could have been put to a better use. In some homes today, we hear stories of husbands violently attacking their wives and vice versa. Such anger is not good; it makes a rational man seems like a mad dog. If you cannot control your anger, it is better to avoid things and people that get you angry.
Remember that anger prevented Moses from getting to the promised land.

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