28 August 2007

Good parenting.

Parenting is not an easy task; it’s a fact that can be confirmed from any parent. Because to be a good parent require a lot of skills and prayer to God for assistance. Parenting can be more difficult if it has to be combined with work, as such parent will have to learn to balance the stress of work with the demands of the children. To be a good parent, we must;
Be tolerant, children are often exasperating, but we must remember to tolerate them with love.

Be patient at all times regardless of the level of provocation. Avoid unnecessary display of anger in their presence.
Always see them as children and treat them as such. I have noticed that lots of parent treats their children like adults, which often make them fall such of our expectations.
Learn to listen patiently to what they have to say.Children chatter a lot,but we should pay attention to whatever it is they are saying,especially if the conversation is directed at us,don't ignore them.
We must give them enough supervision-homework, playtimes, dressing, bed times etc.
Be firm, our no should be no and yes should be yes, especially when it comes to discipline.
Be honest, treat people with respect. This is highly important when raising children, don’t tell them to say you’re not at home when you want to avoid someone or avoid talking to the person on the phone.
Be concerned about our image.we are their mirror,they want to copy everything we do.
Be gentle and kind.
Always be ready to put others need ahead of our own.
Have true love for our spouses and our children.

The list is endless, but keep the above mentioned handy and you can also assist to add any other you can think of.

God bless.

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