29 August 2007

Dad’s trip to New York

My dad recently had a need to replace some of his farm equipments and he decided to make the purchase directly rather than ask friends to purchase them on his behalf, as was his usual custom and also take time out for a small holiday while out there. Mind you he has not travelled out of this country in about four years, which simply means he has to get new travelling documents. After renewing his international passport, he applied to the US embassy for visa. At the interview, he was asked series of questions, which he answered well and one thing lead to another, until he was finally asked if he has made any travelling arrangements, like flights, accommodation booking etc. he said he was quite taken by surprise because he thought those were to be arranged after he has obtained his visa. I really had a laugh at his expense because his lack of adequate preparation for the interview. Though he was not refused the visa, but he was asked to make all necessary arrangements as soon as possible to prevent late bookings that could result in cancellations.I simply advised him to call DialAFlight; as they have been known to arrange flights to New York at a moments notice.
The company offers flights, hotels & travel ideas worldwide. They also have holiday offers and cheap flights for holiday makers.He was more than grateful for the informations,most especially because he can do all that in the comfort of his office or home and ensure that all his requirements are fulfilled and his holiday is also as he want it.

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