06 August 2007

Single girls and married men.

Why is it that forbidden fruit have more appeal than those given us for our own good?
Pls don’t think I am saying this because I am married, I have always felt like this even when I was single. Then I used to imagine myself in the place of the other woman and even back then; it was not a palatable thought at all.
It is still the same old story; people like to taste the forbidden just because it is forbidden. I will really like to pin the blame of this crime on someone, but who do I blame? The single girls out for a good time and ready to have it at any cost OR the married men who will not keep their things where they belong? (In their Matrimonial homes).
I have said it often times that if all the single girls out there could just unite and say no more dates or affairs with married men I believe the men will be forced to count their losses and go back home to their loving wives.
A girl sent in a please advice letter to a talk show programme I listened to last week. She was actually asking advice on how to deal with a situation she was in. Her story according to the letter she sent was that she used to date guys her age but none of them was ready to commit to her and she has been forced to resort to dating older men (all married of course) because she found that they take care of her better and two of the men are dying to marry her. Mind you, the first man is married with a wife and five kids while the other, an Alhaji already have three wives with kids too numerous to mention. After listening to this story I felt so disgusted within me, how is it possible that some girls just exist without focus, without direction. What happened to everything at God’s own time? How will young men not desert her when she is a free for all, every guy that talked to her probably slept with her on the very first date. If they have not the so-called married men will not be interested in her.
I think single girls should please have more decency and stop selling themselves cheap to men either married or single. These days, even as enlightened as they are, no young man want to marry an overused lady, an about-town who has done it all and seen it all.
1 Th. 4:3 (For this is the will of God, even your sanctification, that ye should abstain from Fornication.)
As for the married men, what happened to keeping the marriage bed undefiled or have you forgotten God’s stand concerning marriage? Heb. 13:4
Why has your marriage lost its sacredness?
Why have you allowed a strange woman a taste of what solely belong to your wife?
If you are so interested in an affair, why not plan one with your wife?

May the Lord help us all.

2 Reaction(s).:

Student001 said...

A very loud re-sounding AMEN! to that. The Lord needs to save US all;especially the married and looking as well as the single and searching. However,God will continue to be the Rock for all them that live according to His precepts.Well done Sista.

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