09 August 2007

Mistake or Failure.

We all make mistake that often times lead to failure. Mistake is good if we can learn from it, but if you are not ready to learn from your mistake, it is better not to make one. Most of us are often afraid of making mistakes, we are afraid of failing, forgetting that failure can occur despite genuine effort and until we realise that failure is sometimes an important and necessary ingredient to success and increase, every time we encounter setbacks we will withdraw from further attempts at success. It is bad when in order not to make mistake we shy away from what needs to be done. I knew a lady that has had series of disappointment with men and in other not to continue having disappointment, she decided to stay off men forever and remain single until she died. So also are a lot of people whom in other not to speak wrong, choose never to speak.
I want to take us back to the story of the prodigal son who demanded for his portion of his father’s property (Luke 15:11-end) and after wasting his inheritance decided to go back home to his father and seek forgiveness. Remember he was welcomed, clothed with the finest robe, with a ring on his finger and sandals on his feet. A party was also organised in his honour, but if he had not realise his mistake and went back home, it is possible he would have died in his wretchedness. He was already eating with pigs; that shows how low he had fallen, but he made up his mind to try again.
The important message here is that we should not be discouraged no matter the mistakes we have made or the failures we have had to live through, remember that he who never make mistake never make anything and failure is just an event in one’s life. A temporal failure may be the price we have to pay for whatever we want in this life.

May God help us all.

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