17 August 2007

What do you have to offer?

Looking at my 22months old son prompt me to ask this question. Many times when I sit alone, not attending to him, busy with my thoughts, I will suddenly see him by my side saying “mimmy take, take” and until I take whatever he’s offering and say thank you, he will not leave me alone. The things he gives are items from his toy basket, and this could go on and on until you either decides to pay attention to him or he emptied the content of the basket. I began to ponder why he feels he need to offer me things to get my attention, then I realise he was not trying to draw my attention to himself but rather to take my attention from whatever it is that is making me so sober and reflective. I realise my husband does the same too, and I think to myself, “this is why family is so important and unique, members always have things to offer one another.
Now, what do you have to offer? Love, Comfort, companionship, bitterness, anger, heartache, disrespect, support, assistance, encouragement etc. This is a question I think we all should try to answer, know what you have to offer your loved ones. Some unknowingly offer pains and heartbreak to their loved ones, sit down and reflect on this, and know for certain what you have been offering your loved ones.
Families are to promote each other’s happiness, when one is sad or unhappy, the other should be there to care and comfort. Our families should be our number one priority; we should learn to invest energy and time in promoting each other’s welfare. We should always have something to offer our loved ones, words of appreciation, and gratitude for just being there, an essential part of our lives, highly cherished. I have seen children turned wayward because they feel unloved, and uncared for by their parent. Give every member of your family the best you have to offer. This could reduce the rate of separation or divorce, it could reduce the rate of increase of single parenting, and it could eradicate children delinquency.

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