16 August 2007

PayPerPost,what is it about?

When I started blogging, I used to see payperpost badges displayed on some of the blogs that I visited, and I can’t just help wondering what it is all about until I also signed up. Like me back then, I know that new bloggers and some old ones are yet to know what PPP program is. And for those wondering, it is a program where you get paid for blogging or sharing your honest opinion about products/services, websites and companies for the payperpost advitisers. Qualification is quite simple; you just need to have an open-minded, candid and honest opinion of the products/services rendered by the selected advertisers. The good thing there is no one will impose what you don’t like on you. You get to select the opportunity you know you like most after searching through the long lists of opportunities available and there are lots and lots of them to choose from. I love PayPerPost because of its simple and honest approach to money making through blog marketing. There are series of qualification criteria that your blog must meet before approval (but nothing too stringent there). Once your blog is approved, you just select the opportunities best suited to you, pen your opinion, get it approved and bingo, you make cool and straightforward cash. I know the cool cash part will interest you as a blogger; i was interested enough to get hooked also and i might just redesign my blog with the money I will make,you know,give it a proffessional touch. Just take your interest a little bit further, visit PayPerPost to check out the site yourself. PS: I signed up for PPP and just got my blog approved.Can’t wait to start blogging the payperpost way. See you there soon.

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wande said...


You are welcome to PPP.
If you can post the links on these write up, then you can approach every other PPP task with ease.