06 September 2007

Funny interlude

I recently bought some animal characters including the alphabets A-Z and letters 0-9 for my two years old son. It’s a learning aid of sort, very colorful and quite attractive. Shortly after it was fixed, I invited the big boy to come and learn his alphabets and you can imagine my surprise when he tried to rip them off the wall. Meanwhile his dad already warned me, he might do something like that, and I was like no he would not dare. So we started learning like this;

Me: A

Ladi: A

Me: B

Ladi: Shhh (meaning C)

Me: No not C yet, say B

Ladi: Shhh

I got fed up and concluded that he does not like the letter B. And thinking he might find the animals more fun, I moved to the animal characters, and I said, say monkey, pointing at the monkey

Ladi: Shay key (meaning - say monkey)

Me: (Pointing at rabbit) say rabbit

Ladi: "Ahhh bitttti"

And he walked away to find a new interest. I can't help wondering if he's too young and I'm being in a hurry or if that attitude is just typical of two year olds. Being a first time mum,I just hope and pray that I'm getting it all right.

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Saved By Jesus said...

Hey keep at it sister! Don't throw in the towel. That is part of the fun of being mother. I bet it is great fun watching the kids grow.

Now you will begin to appreciate what your parents and teachers must have gone through.

For, me, I dodge from that task. I am yet to learn the phonetics (a.a - apple, bu.bu - ball, e.e - elephant) after 5years that my better half has being trying to teach me. Whenever, I'm asked to teach our 4year-old (three letter words, I feel stupid because I end up asking the 6year-old the right pronunciation of the phonetic vowels).

But I tell you the truth, I enjoy watching my wife teach our little one English. I prefer doing mathematics (or is it Arithmetics) with them.

Bola said...

Thanks Bro Tee,I feel better already.Just this morning my husband finally took notice of the fact that it's high time our son start answering FINE when asked "how are you" and not TINE, and no matter how many times you correct him, he will keep repeating TINE and if you don't stop pressing he will eventually turn it into a singsong, and all you'll hear is TINE TINE TINE.Thanks for the encouragement.

anijawife said...

My sister,its a passing phase and will get out of it.Kids are always like that at that stage but as he grows he will even be eager to learn and hopeful you wouldnt be too busy to teach him.At a certain age,they even want you to be their teacher and will rather listen to you than any other person-you are on the right track,dont give up as we too gave our mothers those stress.

Refinedone said...

Bola, just take your time and make it fun for both of you...every child learns differently, I learnt that with my middle child who is a boy...my first child (girl) found it easy to pick up her letters and numbers...age 3yrs she was reading.. while my boy at age 3yrs was not even speaking well..Boys they say are abit slower in development at this age...Find what works for your child and go with that... :)

all the best!

Bola said...

Thanks so much Refinedone.I feel better now,after receiving such good advice and encouragement from you all.