18 September 2007

Reverse reasoning indeed!

I read a write up on marriage titled reverse reasoning, it highlighted some good points I cannot help but agree with. It mentioned the fact that a lot of marriages started out as rosy affairs and to quote the article “rosy fog of optimism” which I found to be very true. Most couples set out in marriage being blinded to each other’s shortcomings. They only see what they want to see in each other, the good points. Even though it is clear that a person cannot be 100% good, they choose to turn their backs on the other side and remain to be temporarily blind to that aspect of their partner’s life. After few months of marriage, the excitement wears off and voila! The fog is lifted and those traits that used to excite wear off, then the problems start and those same trait now become something they detest, hate, and regard as faults. It is indeed reverse reasoning. I wish all this would stop, nothing makes me happy than to see couples happy and enjoying their married life, but when I hear stories of infidelity, separation and divorce, I feel so unhappy, so sad for couples undergoing such traumas in their marriages. Imagine the so popular television evangelist, Juanita Bynum and her bishop husband, Thomas Weeks III getting divorced, what has christain marriage turned into? Where was the love they once professed for each other, where is God’s love in their live?

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Refinedone said...

It is sad, to hear what is happening in the body of Christ at the moment....Marriages are under attact, cos we are not being real any more. We need more mothers in the church( when I say mothers, I mean seasoned women of God) that are ready to advice without preaching
... we need to get real and practical in our advice. We need leaders that are going to be real about challenges and that are able in the mist of those challenges still show Gods way about dealing with issues in marriage.

Bola said...

My sister, it is a pity. It was the breakup of a friends marriage that made me start this blog.I think we need to pray seriously for the minister's of the gospel.Just on sunday here,someone told me that the men's leader in her church is having problem with the wife and the wife has not been seen in church for some time.I got scared because the couple are well known to my family.I sincerely pray that God that instituted marriage will take control and have mercy on us all.

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