14 September 2007

For Ejiro,the best bride ever.

I don’t know how many times I have prayed that every couple being joined together in holy matrimony will remember the day in time to come and smile for joy because of the undying and untarnished love still existing in their union.
Ejiro my blogger friend ties the knot tomorrow at the winner’s chapel, and the above thought came back to me, and I simply wish her the best on her wedding day and in the future. Though I have planned to be there, but then, man proposes and God disposes (hope I got that right).
I have just a few prayers for you:
Your marriage will not end before it started.
Your love will not die a premature death but the lord will deepen and strengthen your love for each other every new day
Children are the heritage of the Lord and fruit of the womb is his reward, so shall the lord reward your marriage in Jesus name.

Happy married life.

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