15 October 2007

Back on the scene - 1

It’s been quite a while,I hope you are all well and wonderfully great. I am glad to be back, I have missed you all.
Life has not been easy, even though the reason for my absence was because I was a bit under the weather, which should not have affected me to the extent of having to stay away for such a long time considering that I have always being a very strong and active person. But there were three major occurrences that contributed to the weakness I felt both in my body, soul and spirit.
The first of these was the loss of a Christian sister during childbirth. She was a member of my group in church. You see, because we were not so many in the group (just nine), we were always like sisters, we knew so much about one another and always like to carry each other along. We always used to say that we don’t need new members because of the friendship we enjoy. There was never discrimination among us unlike the other groups in the church, there is sharing, giving, loving and caring. I think that was why her death was such a shock to us all.

It was supposed to have being a normal delivery, but only God knew what went wrong that she had to lose her life in the process, this scared me silly and I cannot tell you how affected I was. She left her husband, parents and children including the newborn baby girl. There is nothing we can do other than take solace in the Lord our God and believe that she is having a peaceful rest in his bosom.

I think I have to continue this post later, might be boring if it’s too long. Will catch you with the other happenings later.

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Bro. Tee said...

Welcome. It is nice to have you back online.

It won't be the whole truth to say we understand what it really feel to have to part with someone so dear. We can only encourage you to have solace in the fact that she slept in the Lord. On that glorious morning by the special grace of God, we shall all see again. So be encourage and comfort the family left behind as much as you can.

Once more, we say welcome. Shalom

Omodudu said...

welcome back

Bola said...

Thanks bro Tee and Omodudu,I'm happy to be back also.