17 October 2007

Back on the scene - conclusion.

Like to talk about the friend I lost to lung cancer. The most painful part of this story is that he was not allowed to reap the fruits of his labour before he was untimely snatched away; I am only consoled with the fact that he accepted the Lord before he died. He was until few months back a staff of an oil producing company; he was laid off due to reorganisation in the company and was well paid off. He immediately made arrangements to set up a business of his own which he did successfully. But the month he was to officially open the business, he fell sick and at first it was like the usual sickness, but time proved him wrong. After series of test he was finally diagnosed as having lung cancer that had to be operated immediately or else… The operation was a success and after months of therapy he was finally discharged. All through these, he was a shadow of his old self and at every time we see him he always told us (my husband and I) that “it is written, I shall not die but live to declare the counsel of the Lord”. We were all so encouraged by his utterances; he was until his sickness a staunch Muslim, who was never ready to listen to anything Christianity.
The most annoying thing was that a day after his burial, the wife was asked (by his uncles) to hand over all his property to the family for accountability, mind you he has six children. He was the only son of his aged parent both of who were alive at the time of his death; it was a total shock to them.

My friend, my prayers are with you that the good Lord grant you eternal rest. I know your wife and children will be well taken care of by the only true God Jesus Christ, whom you fully surrendered your life to. He is the father to the fatherless and husband to the widow, be rest assured that he will be there for them always.

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