23 October 2007

Behind the smile.

How is it possible that someone you think is an upstanding citizen, who is supposed to be living a moral life is full of nothing but decay and rottenness, quite distressing. But such is the life lots of people live these days. It is not enough to say I am a Christian, I am born again etc. Now you really have to look into the person’s character, look behind the smile, look behind the fa├žade of gentleness and smoothness, look behind the phony words and false sincerity, and then you might be able to see the real person. I am not saying everybody is a phony, but these days’ people aren’t who they seem or what they professed to be, behind close doors you see a different person entirely.
That is exactly why things aren’t as they are supposed to be, imagine the crime rates, everywhere now, no country is an exception. Imagine the divorces, even of men and women of God, think about illegitimate births being recorded every hour of every day, you don’t know anything about this? Then go check out the motherless babies home around you. It is an almost impossible task for one to be able to identify an armed robber in broad daylight; men say one thing on the altar of God and do the opposite when they feel no one is watching.
Who are you behind the smile and subtle words? Are you?
A confusional- causing chaos wherever you go?
Corrupt – loots tax payer’s money to disburse at parties? Donate in churches where you think you can get atonement for your sins? Spend on high-class prostitutes? Build yourself monuments call residential buildings?
An adulterer – leave your partner bitter and unhappy in order to enjoy forbidden fruit elsewhere?
A paedophile – who lures young children with promises of sweets and chocolates to seduce them in unholy affair?
You probably gossip and backbite?
A ritualist? – Kill innocent people to enrich/empower yourself?
Need I go on about this? No, I think the picture is clearer now.
Who are you behind the smile?

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