28 November 2007


Few months back I had to go to the clinic for antenatal registration, and at the end of it I was given such a huge bill that I had to exclaim. But upon questioning the accounts clerk I was given the breakdown of the payment and I was so surprise to see HIV/AIDS test boldly written on the receipt. This gave me a scare because it never really occurred to me that you have to do such tests when you go in for such registration. Maybe I was told and I was like, that does not have anything to do with me! So I didn’t pay attention to it. But believe me, after I left the clinic, even though I have no reason to be bothered, I kept wondering about it and I could not wait until my next visit to ask for the outcome. Sure it was negative, as I knew it was going to be.
But then I remembered the story of a sister, who got married to a fellow brother in her church, they were both born again xtians, nobody need to tell you they were before you know, they were serious xtians. Immediately after their marriage, the lady took in and delivered. After some months she started falling sick, it was so serious that she had to be transferred from one hospital to another until she finally landed at a teaching hospital where she was diagnosed with HIV. When she was questioned about her sexual life she was at first very angry and refused to answer their questions because she was a virgin when she got married and never had sexual relation with any other person except her husband. The husband and child were tested and both tested positive.

Then the question of who gave who arose, both claimed they have been faithful. Few months after this, the wife died and later the child, still the man kept mute and tongues started wagging about the sister been the perpetrator since she died first. Then the man developed symptoms too and it was on his deathbed he confessed that when the wife was pregnant at the early stage and could not fulfil her marital obligations, he had to look elsewhere for sex because he was so used to it then that abstinence was difficult for him to cope with. Imagine that!

Saturday 1st Dec 2007, is another world’s AID day, how do you feel about this?
Some don’t believe AIDS is real, some believe they cannot have it, while others don’t think it’s worth a second thought. But please hear this, people that are afraid of confronting the issue of AIDS are usually the ones to be infected simply because of their non-committal attitude towards it. To read more about HIV/AIDS, visit this link.

Be blessed and please live a healthy life.

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BroTee said...

This is very a very pathetic story. Going by the confession of the brother, ignorance is the major culprit responsible for this disaster. If only the brother and the wife had been educated better on SEX within the confine of marriage and how to handle SEXUAL URGES when your partner is not available, this disaster might have been avoided. I pray that chrisitian leaders especially the protestants will see the need to organize marriage seminars for couples and treat practical topics such as these.
Thanks for sharing this story even though it is a sad one.

Anonymous said...

that doesn't make any kind of sense whatsoever!

Jesus christ! why can't people think ad put a time line together.

If this man says he stepped out of the marriage when his wife was pregnant because he couldn't have sex with her....
then how did the wife and baby become HIV positive?

Even on his deathbed this 'christian' is lying.

He would have to have had sex with the woman whilst he is HIV positive in order for the woman and child to be HIV positive.

Anything else doesn't make any sense.

Bola said...

@Bro Tee
Thanks for your comment,it's even hard to know if the brother told the truth or not.Maybe he had been doing it even before he met and marry the sister.The whole story is saddening but then is the story of a lot of people living with aids today.

Thanks also for commenting,I assume you mean the whole story does not make sense?But then it does because there is the propability that the man lied about the time he committed the act. Believe it or not, this was a true story,stranger things have been known to happen.Another thing with HIV/AIDs is that it may show up faster in some than others depending on the affected person's immune system.

Nuggets of Gold said...

Sometimes we wonder about God's laws and obedience. Too tough? Not realistic? Out of this world?

But again and again without being judgemental, it pays to obey. God's directives are more for our good than His.