07 November 2007

It’s a game of chance.

I’m never the type that likes to play games, and anything that involves hazardous uncertainty I’ve always shunned. My attitude is unlike that of my colleague in the office who likes to take unnecessary risks in the hope of gaining an advantage or getting an undeserved benefit. He cruises through the web searching for sites offering gambling or casino information. One of his favourites is fortune room, though his source of information is basically from online casino, I seriously can’t understand why someone will want to wager on something he has not seen or knows virtually next to nothing about. I guess his behaviour stems from being a bachelor without responsibility. For him, it’s good business, but for me it’s something else entirely. Recently my younger brother also got hooked on something similar, he played with his two months salary in the hope of getting double or thrice what he invested, but unfortunately he lost all his money. I guess gambling is not for the fainthearted.

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