05 November 2007

I hate poverty, it makes me unhappy!

Poverty is not good, it is sad and sometimes sickening to observe. Then abject poverty is… (Can’t find the right word to describe it). Poverty is a ruin of ones ego, the poor is shunned by the society, by the neighbours, by friends, by the government and most difficult to swallow by their family. Even children these days shun their parents and eventually abandon them in the hope of cutting off the string that ties them to poverty. A poor person is deserted by everyone he holds dear, ruled over by the rich, the person does not have any say among his peers, it is so sad.
I do not believe that someone could voluntarily wish to be poor, though there may be some issues that the poor person need to address in other to extricate himself or herself from poverty. For instance;
  • Laziness
  • Refusal to work
  • Responsibility greater than one’s income
  • Poor money management skills
  • Refusal to take up any other job apart from one qualified for
  • Being too slow either in action or thought
  • Not planning for the future.
  • Financial indiscipline
  • The fear of failure
  • Stinginess etc.

All these and many more could lead to poverty. They cannot afford the basic things like three meals a day, paying hospital bills, they don’t even have a roof over their heads, most exists in the open come rain or sunshine, some survive on items of clothing or food salvaged from waste bins or refuse dumps. When most of us pass them on the road, we try to avoid them like the plague with our well fed bodies clothed in the finest clothing from the top designers. Most even try to shield their children from this reality. I have been guilty of this, which is why I have decided to do this post.
Who has the responsibility of eradicating poverty? The person affected? The society? Or the government?

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Bro. Tee said...

Poverty! A great plague that the society desire to wish away. Unfortunately, as long as men continue to SIN, poverty shall remain!!!
Yes, the scripture tells us that Adam and Eve had everything in good supply when they were in the garden of Eden. But after stepping out of the garden (the consequence of Sin) they started experiencing lack.
Who will eradicate poverty? Only God has the power, but He will not force Himself on men. He has given us free-will and He promised to respect our choices (even when our choice is wrong).
So, each individual has to decided for himself or herself whether he or she wants to be poor or live in abundance.
Also, we are encouraged by the scriptures to lend a helping hand to those who are poor around us.
It breaks my heart when I see brethren making poor decisions that are sure to produce POVERTY in the future. One of the common one is POOR MONEY MANAGEMENT SKILLS (I totally agree with your list). When I try to point out that the scripture encourages us to plan for the future, they start quoting scriptures out of context and justify their poor decisions.
May the Lord help us to make the right decision so that we will be like the good man in Proverb 13:22a who left an inheritance (not debt) for his grand-children.

Bola said...

Thanks bro Tee for your comment.You see, I have found that a lot of people brought poverty on themselves and blame God for allowing them to be poor.I know the case of a man in our church that receives peanuts as salary,it can barely feed two mouths in a state where everyone is believed to be working in the oil industry,he already has four children and a baby.I was quite sorrowful when I heard this.People find it difficult to help such person, they keep say things like,even pple with enough money to feed don't breed children like rats.You need to see his children on sunday,tattered clothes and so on,I am truly sad about this and just wish I could do more than already done.

awannabe said...

I think "Refusal to take up any other job apart from one qualified for" is kind of my problem. I don't have the humility to go back to work for a minimum wage job because I just graduated from college with two degrees. Yet, people don't hire me in my field because I don't have enough experience in the field.

Aryst said...

No children of God should ever be in poverty...that is what God promise to us...and those things you list is the hindrance to overtake...