13 March 2008

Prove yourself trustworthy

I have heard that two wrongs never a make a right so many times, and I always relate it to when two people are in a dispute or serious argument over something. But recently I got to relate it to marriage and what I find was not too palatable at all. Sometimes when a spouse does something wrong, the other partner, in most cases find it very difficult to correct especially where the husband is the culprit, some wife will rather be mum than risk the wrath of the husband. I have witness cases like the father asking a child to tell a visitor he does not want to see that he is not at home, while he was right there in his bedroom, the wife did not see anything wrong with it. We need to prove ourselves worthy of our families trust especially our growing children. Some men lied to their wives about their whereabouts after office hours and vice versa. Remembering what apostle Paul wrote in 2 Cor. 13:5a “prove your own selves”. Because everyone make mistake, you are not expected to be perfect, (Eccl 7:20 “For there is not a just man upon earth, that do good, and sinned not.”) but does the pattern of your behaviour give your family members or people around you reason to doubt you and withhold their trust?

Lastly remember also that the degree to which you are trusted is a result of how trustworthy you have proven yourself either in your home, office, among friends and relatives.
Pray for us: for we trust we have a good conscience, in all things willing to live honestly – Heb. 13:18

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NaijaEcash said...

This is the challenge that every godly parent has to face. Children are not often convince by what we do as much as they get convinced by our actions. The level of trust they have in us as parents is mostly dependent on how we have proved to them by our actions that indeed we are trustworthy.
Beside that, I have come to understand that people rarely forget that you are not to be trusted once they caught you lying. No matter how trival the issue you lied about is, they will always recollect the fact that you lied once, so they conclude you can as well do it again. So already the possibility of them trusting you is slim.
Long ago, I was thought to tell the truth to my spouse or simply tell her that I am not ready to talk about the issue now, she can ask me later. Telling lies to ones spouse is like destroying the foundation on which the home is built. May the Lord help us.
Thanks for sharing your thought on this with us. Cheers.

tkwi said...

You always have something interesting to say, a lesson to learn from. So what if a person is good 99% of the time but when they mess up and let someone down, then try to be good again, the person they offended never trusts them again regardless as to whether or not they try to make amends. I'm so glad the Lord isn't like that. I'm glad in his eyes, his own blood has covered my sin and he is the "God of second chances" as sung on the Veggietales Jonah movie.

Bola said...

Thanks for your comments,they are indeed encouraging.