20 March 2008

The Often Missing Dimension in Marriage

Reading through Tim & Beverly LaHaye’s book titled the Act of Marriage, has been something of an experience for me. It has given me a whole new insight to the institution of marriage. I am going to share what I gained from the book here for the benefit of those who have not read it.

The missing dimension is one of the topics treated in the Act of Marriage. It talked about a person being four parts consisting of the physical, mental, emotional and the spiritual often viewed as unimportant but the most significant of all.

The Physical part of marriage is important, so much so that when not properly taken care of often result in break-up. The physical part of our nature cannot be ignored because it is a gift from God.
We cannot also ignore the Emotional aspect because the physical part of marriage cannot be possible without the emotional. There have to be some quality emotions in the relationship for couples to be able to connect properly in the act of lovemaking, a sort of emotional bonding and a touch.

The Mental part has to do with the mind of the person, how it works. This has a vital role to play in marriage because the likes and dislikes, which indirectly produce our feelings, are first registered in the mind.

The Spiritual is the missing dimension, the missing puzzle, and the ingredients that lots of marriage lack. According to the book, those who neglect the spiritual side of their nature will only be capable of limited operation; they can never be the effective persons God made them to be. God has implanted the spiritual part of our nature to stabilize our minds, bodies and hearts.

Therefore for good success in marriage (remember God want us to prosper in all things and also have good success) the spiritual part of our nature must not be ignored. Each partner must ensure they dedicate quality time and effort to each other's spiritual growth.

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tkwi said...

Again, I'm wondering when someone will write the book titled "When a Christian Marries a non-Christian." I feel like even if I got the tools, or read books with advice on how to improve the relationship, it is just one sided.

First we dealt with a lack of communication in our marriage. I had dragged into it my fear of men from growing up with an abusive alcoholic father. Now we don't have any intimacy.

Hubby got on an antidepressant to control his bad temper, but it robbed him of his libido.

So theres two major things gone from our marriage already.

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