01 August 2008

How well do you know your children!

Our children are our best assets, but when they are unknowingly neglected on the premise of work or trying to provide for the family by either the father or mother and in some cases by both parent, the children tend to fend for themselves and along the way, develop all sorts of character and vices that the parents are not aware of. They mixed with friends that the parents may not approve of because there is no supervision from their parent and even when the parent’s are at home they show little concern for the friends their children make, the magazines they read, or the TV programs they watch.

Often times, these children are left in the care of househelps or relatives who do not care what the children do to keep themselves busy as long as they are not pestering. Some of these children suffer a lot at the hands of the people they are trusted with, of course, their parents may not know anything about it especially for those too young or those that are not bold and wise enough to report to their absent parents. And for those children in their teens, they are taught a lot of bad things which these children may accept as normal without question or are made to believe that if such are made known to their parents they will be punished or they may be construed as telling tales.

Some of these children lose their innocence without the parent’s knowledge; they matured quickly into adulthood as a result of keeper’s bad influence, peer pressure and unhealthy exposure to TV and Internet because the parent did not exercise either a positive or negative control over their usage. Because they are also made to fend for themselves for such a long time while the parents are busy making money, they are forced to take critical decisions on their own. Some of those children exposed to child abuse are those left in the care of others by their parents, they grow up being rebellious, degenerates, child abusers, perverts, and renown sex offenders.

Parents must take care, it is good to work and make money for your family but not at the expense of the child, a parent’s responsibility is not to his child’s happiness; but to his character.

Parents should not allow their own interests to keep them from taking the time to talk, listen, admonish and instruct their children on what they should know, if they do, they will seek answers from others outside and they may not always get the right answers.

Parents should also know that, if their children were constantly left in the care of others, the children would start to avoid them and they may eventually have problems getting attached to their parents.

Lastly, parents should learn to balance time at work with time spent with their children.



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Nijawife said...

Iam guilty here too but i set limit for everything i do,from friday when i get back till monday morning-i hardly go anywhere without my kids.My kids are my friends and we are close but despite that,i still feel as if i dont live up to expectation of a mother,i know i owe them all motherly care but we have to be realistic too but i always wish am there for them every momemt of the day.

I once asked them if i should resign my job and stay with them at home and was surprise to hear them say we know you love us and go through all the stress for us but dont worry we can manage and if u dont work,who will indulge us with our frequent meriment!

Nigerian Entrepreneur said...

I am a typical workaholic, but I have learnt from the mistake of others, so I am not going to let my children grow up seeing me as a stranger.

One of my mentor took time to educate me that life is not all about working and making money to take care of the family. No amount of money will compensate for the time they want to spend with YOU!

So, I CONSCIOUSLY endeavor to spend time with them now. For example, this morning when I was already late for work (due to my oversleeping, as a result of over-activity yesterday in the church), my first daughter called me.

"Daddy, bring your cheek here" You can imagine the rest. Of course I obeyed and I received a peck which money cannot buy. I got late to work quite alright, but I have been excited all day.

Thanks for sharing this tips. Cheers.

Reflexes said...

this is a good reminder to all parents. loving and caring for our children is a BIG responsibility that requires not only our BIG $ but also our BIG time.

let us continue to dedicate our children to our God and pray contiinuesly for their future.

blessings to all!