29 July 2008

MumsDadsChildren Star Award! !! !!!

This is unbelievable! I just had some extra time to play off web today and you can’t believe I came up with something extra ordinary, for me it is extraordinary because I have never been artistic in anyway, cant draw anything other than engineering drawings and those were basically lines. I just put together one or two images in PowerPoint, a little editing here and there and I have what I want. I never knew it could be that simple. Now I have my own award to give to deserving friends and readers of this blog, been looking for a way to show some appreciation apart from leaving comments on blog and I think this is it in my own little way.

The star award, simply created for bloggers, whose presence have been felt on MumsDadsChildren, who has been a constant source of inspiration and encouragement to this blog.

The recipient can pass it on to whoever deserves to have it, there is no strict rule, just a mention on your blog will be appreciated.

Here are the recipients;

Clement Nyirenda’s
The Painted Veil

More to Come.


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Tony - Nigerian Entrepreneur said...

Thanks for the award. It is beautiful. I am going to create an award page on my blog and paste it there. It sure will help when I feel like quitting. You have been such a great encouragement to me. Keep up the good works. Cheers.

Clement said...

Thanks for making special mention of me in this award post.As you already know, I am also heavily inspired by your skills in the blogosphere.I remember that I first got in touch with you through mybloglog.com.Since then, we have evolved into great blogger friends even though we have not met physically.Power of blogging!!!

Meanwhile, I am thinking of a special of making mention of you in one of my upcoming posts.

Before I sign off, congrats on the acquisition of this new domain.Your life as a blogger will be completely revolutionized.Stay blessed.

Bola said...

Thanks to you both for being my friends.You all have been great inspiration and encouragement for me,especially at times when i feel like "why am i blogging,if i don't do it no one will miss me,then i always remember there are friends like you waiting to read what i will come up with"

Thanks for being there.



oh wow, this is my first actual blog award!!!!!! Thanks so much for thinking of Nigerian Curiosity!!!

Nijawife said...

My sister,e le yi o wa poju?thanks so much for your encouragement and support.How can i forget you and refinedone?though we ve not met physically but we are bounded in spirit.Even when i feel like giving up on everything,when i remember all your words of encourage,it always ginger me to move on and belief that this one too will pass.Omo wa nko,se e toju re?Thanks once again and i wawnt to use this opportunity top tell solomonsydelle knows that i love her and her family and i pass this award to her and her lovely family-without a family,we are nothing.

wande said...


Thanks for the award and for your encouraging and inspirational presence in the blogosphere.

May God bless you greatly.

EJIRO said...

Hi Dearie,

Long time,How is your family? I am back from my maternity leave, and the first thing that greeted me is this award from you. You are a friend indeed. Thanks, I really appreciate this award. Please send my love to Praise, your lovely daughter. Stay bless