24 September 2008

The father’s love

The place of a father in the life of a child must never be empty because the love a father has for his children is unique as it helps the emotional, spiritual and intellectual growth of children. The role of a father in the life of a child is complex, aside his being the family head, he is seen primarily as a discipline dispenser in the home as most mothers tend to over pamper the children being that they are with them more than with their father.
A father’s ability or inabilities to be a good father to his children is solely dependent on his own his upbringing. If a drunken weakling who has no love for him brought him up, there is a tendency that when he has children of his own he may not love and care for them even though he is not a drunken weakling himself. Likewise, a man brought up by a rigid, no-nonsense father may tend to treat his children the same way.
Children who have their father’s love are prone to be physically, spiritually and emotionally stable as well as being confident in their ability to love others and mix easily with friends and family. A good father should always be ready with words of love, encouragement, praise and motivation for his children. He should show a personal interest in each of them and also let them know they have his approval. He should not be too critical and overly protective. Most of all, he should not neglect to discipline, children need discipline to grow up productive and responsible adults. Eph 6:4.

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