26 September 2008

Parents Are To Protect Their Children.

Our children need to be protected from bad influences, dangerous relationships/associations and wicked people who are bent on exploiting their innocence. In this present times parents need to be alert to inherent dangers in our society, they need to be able to anticipate situations that could cause problems and take necessary precautions to avert it. For example, working parents should be aware of dangers of leaving their children to child minders and babysitters because a lot of them abuse children. Secondly, if you allow your children the use of the Internet, you should be aware of what they do with it. The sites they visits, people they chat with, new friends they make and so on. Infact, it may actually be best if you keep the computer in an open place where you can easily monitor its use.

As parents, we need to prepare and train our children for the harsh realities of this abusive world. We should teach them how to relate with friendly strangers or strangers of any kind, we should also teach them what to do in case someone they know or do not know tries to take advantage of them when we are not present. Our children are to be taught the proper and improper usage of their body parts especially the private area. Here is a story that may drive this home;

I heard this story from a friend, who told me it happened in their neighbourhood. There was this widely respected elderly man who lived close by, he was known to love children and always play with all the small children in the area and the children loved him in return because he constantly dished out goodies to them at the end of play. Some parents are even known to send their children out to play with uncle when they are busy and did not want disturbance. One day her daughter came back from play and told her that uncle asked her to play with his snake but she told him that it is not a snake but a Pee Pee, and because she refused to touch it uncle did not give her any sweets. (Meanwhile she has always told her children about their body, telling them what the private parts were called.) She said she was shocked and had to call her husband to come home immediately so that they could investigate. On further interrogation, she found out that uncle has been abusing the children for ages. He will put on a big robe (Agbada) and asked the children to go under it to play with his snake while he fondles them in return and afterwards reward them with sweets. His luck ran out when he asked my friends daughter to play for the first time.

Lesson learned, teach your children what they need to know about their body, start from age 3 if possible and continue as they grow older, let them know what each of their body part is, the areas that no one can touch or play with. I think that was what helped to expose the old pervert. Don’t leave your children’s training to others, not to their teachers in school, not to your relatives, their peers or your neighbours. Make it your personal responsibility to teach your children all they need to know about sex. You never know who is perverted until found out, so don’t leave your children to child molesters; they could even be your close relatives.



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Channelofhealing said...


I know what you are saying personally so am with you on this all the way