10 October 2008

Another Blog Award - Butterfly award for the coolest blog I ever know.

My friend Shinade at the Painted Veil gave this awesome award to mumsdadschildren. This is just so cool. Thanks Liza of Mums check nyo and Shinade for this award and congratulations once again for being the earlier recipients.
The rules are quite simple;
You pick ten people and pass this award to them.
Then contact them and let them know that you have chosen them and their blog for the award.
Also link back to the person who gave you the award.
Here are my picks for this award:


10 Reaction(s).:

BK said...

Hi Bola, thanks for passing me the blog award. I'll set it up by this weekend. Thanks and have a great weekend.

Karen & Gerard Zemek said...

Thanks for the award! I'll try to post it over the weekend.

Louise said...

Thank you that's so exciting. I can't express how excited I am. I'll link back to you this weekend.

michaelwood59 said...

Oh thanks so much for the blog award. This is so cool. I never get this before. Thanks so much bola

Shinade said...

oh i should have known that i wasn't the only one who would think of you.

You are such a dear and so deserving!!

God Bless Bola and happy week end!:-)

Babette said...

Hi, you have a beautiful family!

Liza said...

congrats bola! and thanks for the link ;)

enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Bola said...

@Bk, Karen & Gerard Zemek - Thanks for thanking me.You're both welcome.

@Liza - Thanks for giving out the award in the first place.

Bola said...

@Babette - Thanks for the compliment.Thanks for dropping by also.Have a great weekend.

Karen Zemek, author of "My Funny Dad, Harry" said...

I have it up, did it yesterday at http://www.zemeks.blogspot.com