26 November 2008


This is aversion or disinclination to work, activity, or exertion; indolent. A lazy person exhibits slothfulness, indolence, and often times, sluggish. Personally, I detest laziness and do not really want any form of association with a lazy person. People generally despised and condemn any person known to be lazy.
Like all other vices, laziness is first contrived in the mind before it manifest outwardly. A lazy person sets up barriers within his mind to justify his not doing what he was supposed to do. Such people think the world owes them a living, and if by mistake they put a little effort in something, they feel they have done their own bit. They are wise in their own eyes thinking that hardwork does not pay; others blame the government for their status or lack of it. The funny part is that, lazy people have higher desire for things (clothes, praise, food, cars etc.) compared to hardworking people. And when those desires cannot be met, they resort to cut corners to get what they want.
Laziness could lead to robbery, theft, prostitution, and fraudster’s aka 419 because an idle mind is the devil’s workshop. Lazy people hardly get jobs and even when they do, it does not last because they are sure to be fired as soon as their character become known.
Because of the idle state of their unoccupied mind, they are prone to gossip, poke into other people’s affair, they loiter, trespass and all sorts of unimaginable things. Parents should teach their children to be hardworking, but of course, the best way to teach is by example. So be a hard worker so your children can emulate you.
Hardwork precedes excellence; hard work is the only sure way to have good success.
Remember, there is dignity in labour.


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House of Virtue said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, and for your encouraging commentary...I apologize for the looooooooooooooong time it took me to respond......Our society today is in need of a revelation of men and women of strong character sustained by God's grace.

I also write poetry @ myunchainedspirit.blogspot (Poetry Blog). I hope to learn more from you. God bless you!

Channelofhealing said...

I agree with this post 100% sis

Love you and Godbless

carenmeman said...

Hi Bola! Finally, I am able to update my blog. My parents are well same time last year my dad was brought to the hospital but so far the new year has begun and feb is just around the corner and ...so far so good. I do hope this year is better. You know my mom always has prided herself with the way she works and never tolerated us taking a leave from work for nothing. She says the very same thing...there is dignity in labor. My parents have been very good role models to us. My mom was a teacher for 37 years and my dad on the other hand worked in an oil company as a mechanical engineer for 35 years. Indeed it is the parents' responsibility to make sure their children sees work the way they do...

Michele said...

My husband is a huge procrastinator. And has extreme lazy moments. It's very frustrating because I'm the kind of person who gets things done either early or on time and if I have something to do it bugs me and haunts me until I do it. So when I ask him to do something, it really bugs me if he says he will and it takes him HOURS to get off the couch.
Cute blog. Good luck with everything. =)

carenmeman said...

Hi Bola! Hope everything is fine with you! God bless!

Bola said...

@Carenmeman- Thanks so much for your concern.I am well things have just been very hectic for me and i found that even when i have little chance to go online, i am way too tired to do so.But by his grace,things will normalise soon.I missed blogging and all my blogger friends as well.Thank God for your parents,i am so happy they are well.