27 June 2007

Lies, lies, lies.

I have always wondered why people lie. People lie for diverse reasons, some because;
They are afraid of punishment; people often lie to cover up bad habits, manners and evil deeds.
For fear of losing things that are precious to them. Lots of people lie because they don’t want to lose their lives, properties and what have you.They want to deceive others through their assumed cleverness. They want to show that they are smarter than the people they are deceiving.

As a family, it is important that we desist from telling lies as much as possible. We have to live an exemplary life and try to avoid situations where we may be forced to lie. As children of God that know that our God is the God of truth, who is holy without an iota of lie in him, our conscience should prick us whenever we lie.
We should also know that acquisition of wealth, treasure, certificates, visas and the likes through lies is vanity. A family cannot be established through lies and falsehood.

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